1844 and the Future of Adventism

(André Reis) #251

Extra-biblical? Hanukkah, the Feast of Lights, Feast of Dedication or ἐγκαίνια was celebrated by Jesus:

“John 10:22–23 (NRSV): At that time the festival of the Dedication took place in Jerusalem. It was winter, 23 and Jesus was walking in the temple, in the portico of Solomon.”

It celebrates the dedication of the Temple after the desecrations of Antiochus IV.

(George Davidovich) #252

Wrong choice of words, could have said non-Mosaic

(Steve Mga) #253

The amount of Olive Oil for the lamps were in VERY SHORT SUPPLY. And did not have
enough to last the whole feast.
THROUGH A MIRACLE that little bit of oil lasted the whole time. So the Jews today
celebrate and remember this MIRACLE with the lamp lighting.

(Brad(Luna)) #254

Daniel was likely written during the time of the Persian Empire which was way before Greece so yes it was prophecy


We are completely wrong on history. We put square pegs in round holes. We look stupid to people who actually know history. We ignore significant events in history, tout small ones. We ignore reality in place of fantasy that fits a false narrative. We will change. The best scriptural minds had Jesus wrong. Now we tout our own religious leaders, and follow them blindly. We are becoming the catholic church. Brow beating those that will not swear to 28 beliefs, even though there was never 28 and those that are there now have been changed… Adventists are truly devoid of any real knowledge of world history. From the roman empire to the founding of America. The united states can’t possibly be the horn we cite in Revelation. Still, we have people who think the US will make a comeback and rule the world…too funny. The world is atheist or other religion. And we think a law in the united states will become world wide. Sunday law? Countries already have Friday laws on the books for islam… we are just now scrambling around trying to figure out why islam is taking over the world…there is hope. Many Adventist speakers are telling the truth.

(Florin Laiu) #256

Dear André, Dear friends,
I have written already a reply to this article, and sent it to Spectrum, but I didn’t receive any answer. If anybody is interested in reading my reply, it may be downloaded from https://www.academia.edu/37753368/Reply_to_Andre_Reis.pdf

(André Reis) #258

Thank you Florin.

I’ll just say what I’ve said to you in the past and to someone else in this discussion. “One cannot successfully refute the refutation by using the same arguments that have been refuted.”