3 Angles News January 29, 2014

(Spectrumbot) #1

1. Taxes affecting clergy salaries have been brought into question by a court ruling. United States District Judge Barbara Crabb ruled in Wisconsin that the clergy tax-exemption for housing violates the Constitution's separation of church and state.

2. Motorcycling Adventists are spreading the gospel in a unique way. The group's stated goal is leading people to Christ. The medium: loud bikes. See also Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry.

3. A debate continues about how effectively a plant-based diet for human beings could feed the earth's growing population as well as save the earth from pollution.

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(Carolyn Parsons) #2

Dr. Sabaté clearly does not understand agriculture. During the period that he idealizes with the small farm with a small plot, harmonious animals and rainbows, people in the US were starving because agricultural output did not meet demands. We have met demands for food by industrialized food production. This is true everywhere in the world. The vast majority of countries that depend on small hold and non-industrialized agriculture are net importers of food and would be in serious danger without the availability of food produced by the most efficient agricultural system in the world, that we take for granted in the US.