3ABN-Brenda Walsh Split Rocks Adventist Network

Of course not. It’s a worldly organization that might suggest practices the might in turn hinder their efforts to spread their version of the Word.

And con-trails.

The irony is that Adventists don’t actually keep the Sabbath - either the true day or according to biblical directives included when it was given at Horeb.

Similarly, the church officially claims - but doesn’t - treat the bible literally.

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I agree. But what is plain to me is although Spectrum is obviously biased for Brenda Walsh, the article does damage towards her credibility and reputation. How much can you believe a person who sisters say she is in the wrong? Lots of contradictions from Brenda… 3ABN will pull through and be fine…

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This is 100% true. And, as you wrote, that is the irony of it all. It’s not the actual OC Sabbath day, the same rules don’t apply at all, and it seems that the way to “keep” it (this all important end time test) is just a grab bag of rules, each doing it their own way.


Congratulations to award-winning, investigative reporter Alva James-Johnson for her balanced and comprehensive research. She has given each side of the story generous opportunity to tell its side and to respond to questions.

Thank you, Spectrum, for supporting this kind of investigative reporting, one of the few Adventist journalistic entities to provide accountability to independent ministries throughout the church.

This piece of reporting represents hours of investigation and reflects objectivity, depth, and balance. I hope we see more of James-Johnson’s reporting.


Yes - and there are the alleged stories of people who gave their tithe even when they couldn’t pay the rent and then were blessed with material goods. And there are the suspicions that when a member falls on hard times, if only that member had been more faithful in his tithes he would have prospered.
Several years ago I was nominated for the “stewardship” ministries for our congregation. I tried using the materials from the Division for the offering readings and I was both disappointed and disgusted. Most of it was thinly-veiled, or outright blatant prosperity gospel - give and you will be blessed; don’t give and you will be cursed. I wrote my own message, usually along one of the following themes: “only give if you’re cheerful about it”; “it’s no one else’s business if you give or not or how much you give - not the elder, not the treasurer and not the pastor”; and “the first rule of stewardship is to take care of your own family”.
They didn’t ask me back for the second year. Curiously though, donations increased during the year I did the offering readings.


How could I forget that! Yep, that was spoken of quite often.

Love it! It was so disturbing to me (not raised SDA) when I would hear the offering story, or even the sermon, say these kinds of things…that taking care of your family seemed to be a sin of some sort if it came before paying tithe, etc. Not surprised you weren’t asked back.

Some of the non-SDA churches that I’ve attended (or heard about), don’t harp on giving/tithing. They have a place in the back of the church to drop in your offering, they don’t even pass a plate around. No threats - veiled or otherwise.


A number of years ago my Episcopalian church put out a “Tithe Table”.
On it was 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10% columns
Listed below “0” was quite a number of yearly incomes – from small
to very large.
in the squares below each % was what the value in$ would be.
Members were encouraged to start with what was comfortable for them
then next year try another “number”
Tithe as a word is not really mentioned from up front.

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Yes. Take a look at the Amazing Facts website. How they highlighted the word DONATE makes me think their effort are only for the purpose of getting money.


This is what happens when people who are supposed to be in ministry become celebrities in their own minds and the minds of a few others, instead of making God and the ministry first.


Business, nothing but business. Under the umbrella of “religion.”


Doug’s School of Theology is not producing “main stream preachers” as
pastors out of the Organized church theology programs.
They are graduating with the “Gospel according to Doug” and from what
I have seen, doesn’t change over time.


17 million see SHEEP and only a few in Spectrum cried WOLF!

Not sure that Brenda’s sisters are unbiased due to the fact that they produce a show for 3ABN…and you failed to mention that Brenda’s mother supports Brenda.


If you read through the comments, it wouldn’t seem like the bias is strictly for Brenda. IMO both cases are misplaced effort on behalf of someone who doesn’t really understand the medium well, or has a clear vision as to how such efforts are relevant.

Let’s be honest. Both 3ABN and whatever Brenda is trying to do is not a “reach effort”. They are reaching very few people, because it’s equivalent of setting up a church on the outskirts of the town and saying “we are open, come to us”. If they really wanted to reach, they’d be raising money for network ads, sponsored social media content that’s reach oriented, and created programming that’s relevant and traditional for culture that’s not bathed in Adventist cultural lingo.

So, 3ABN is a programming by Adventists and for Adventists. It doesn’t model any other cultural scenarios in which Adventism interacts with broader culture. It models people sitting and listening in churches, or people sitting and doing a Bible study or long-format discussion about Biblical topics that seldom have relevance to the everyday life. Essentially, these model 1st century Christianity and prior Judaism as though it can viably translate to complex life of the modern people.

The reason why people find TV/film medium relevant is precisely because it models scenarios that are culturally relevant even if the vehicle is some superhuman or fantasy narrative. The characters still struggle with the same things they struggle and talk like they talk.

There’s a place for 3ABN as a cultural-maintenance mechanism, but it’s not “spreading” anything. It’s largely keeping it in the bubble of Adventist culture.


Unless her sisters are completely without love and caring for Brenda, they are not going to turn on her just to stay on 3ABN. They don’t get paid to be on 3ABN so why go through all the drama and ruin a family relationship? The mother sounds like a mom who of course is going to be her daughter’s side, only has Brenda telling her version.

That’s a nice theory you’ve got going…some of us have seen the opposite. :smile:


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