5 Adventist Things to Watch in 2023

While 2023 does not include a General Conference Session like last year, the following list offers 5 key direction indicators for the future of Adventism.  

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Thank you for this information!

It seems as if TW wants to stick around in the office until Jesus returns… religiously masked lust for power.

I am especially sad or rather angry at the removal of Edson Nunes: Spying colleagues who report you… what kind of Christianity do we live out … Praying for Edson whom I had the priviledge of brief interactions a while ago. Visiting the poor and sick persons in hospitals and everywhere and caring for each and everyone during the pandemic and now he is not supposed to be the pastor anymore because of “[social media] likes and manifestations of solidarity with pastors of other denominations”? Words have to be right in a tiny, narrow sense but actions overflowing from a wide, caring heart do not count… how schizophrenic!

This is the legacy of fundamentalist Adventism … this is the new (old) world we live in and it will get even to our place. Yes, yours and yours and mine. Just wait and see. When will we step up an finally say: It is enough! No more abuse of power! The kingdom of love cannot be build with power. That’s the enemy’s way.


I’m hoping that this year Adventists will take a visible stand against the movement to make America a Christian Nation. We should know that if successful it will not end well for us.


I agree. It makes no sense pushing for America to be a Christian nation if there are questions in the populace’s mind if you are Christian.


Latest entries in two publications I watch with deep interest regarding the Adventist past, present and future direction:

Some Adventists may be susceptible to this, forgetting that Jesus alienated many Jews on “Palm Sunday” when he didn’t free Israel from Rome and make it a Jewish state again. “Christian nation” is NOT the method of Jesus!


Christian Nation has one thing almost universally in common…SUNDAY.

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What about it? And is it unique to the Christian Nation?

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A couple of things that are also worth watching in 2023:

And also:

Thank for providing the link, @GeorgeTichy.

I thought the first question posed in the clip was most interesting but that immediately switched to the bioethics of transgender issues which at my age (68) aren’t of much interest at all, so I stopped listening.

Maybe they got back to that the question of Jesus’ earthly nature-i. e., was he most like Adam before or after the fall-later in the discussion or maybe not but either way it seems there is a more fundamental question that most Christians need to address prior to consideration of sex change operations, as discussed here:

I used to think that there must have been a man behind the myth, completely doubting the possibility that the entire Jesus story might have been nothing but a literary construct or that the whole canonization process was just a priestly propaganda exercise, carried out at the behest of a dictator, in which a bunch of “I’ll anoint your head if you anoint mine” religious professionals stitched together a purportedly historical account of a god/man/ghost savior being from whole cloth in an effort to scare people into compliance with what was to be the official state religion and generate profits as a welcome side effect.

But now it seems even that assumption is not as settled as I was once certain it must be….

BTW, the first insight about the need to be patient and wait when discussing theology also seems most profound so maybe I should have stuck around for the full two hours of the video?!?! :thinking::wink:

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@NY_G_PA2 , thanks for the link young man. Only 68? Enjoy your youth! :wink:


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