5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Baptized

Hey, I have nothing to do with that!!!.. :rofl:

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Well, I cannot imagine you as being in the real estate business of a post - communist country !

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I’m lost. I have no idea what this means.


OK, let me try to make it clear :slight_smile:
“salvation&Service” is supported highly by a Czech tycoon besides othe sponsors; get this “official periodical” of SDA youth free. It is on a strictly reactionary line, fostering a new “Holiness” - Movement ,demanding some super - perfectionism. (see face page of Vol. 52 !). The editor behind those named is of Romanian - Bulgarian descent, at first getting known by inducing a dresscode far behind Staci Ostremann in “Adventists Affirm” or Joe Crews “Creeping Compromises”. She now is responsible for Youth - - - in our local Union. She refuses to pass some of my suggestions to the matter on Genderism to two authors in this periodical, one a student of Gender Studies, the other a physician - ( ! ) so to save those two dear immature little girls from being confronted with such an “irritation” - -

Clear now ?


Praise God for His Wisdom and your story!

Perfectionism has been currently demanded by a Cult movement (LGT).
Super-Perfectionism must be demanded by a “Super Cult” movement then. (SLGT?)

A Czech promoting that? Jan Hus would say, from the stake…, “That guy is a fake Czech”:rofl:

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