A Brokenhearted Elegy


There was no one there to say a few words

over the place you finally found rest.

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More than one has loved another to the end. Thank you for hearing our broken hearts too.

i’m reading this as a very interesting, moving easter poem directed to judas through the perspective of jesus, for the benefit of judas’ mother…

very little is really known about judas’ mother…the gospel of John has passing passages that tell us that judas was simon’s son (John 6:71;12:4;13:2;13:26)…speculation on who this simon is ranges from simon peter, the disciple (in this view, judas was conceived through a pre-marital or extra-marital moment), to simon the pharisee, or simon iscariot, who is possibly simon the leper, or lazarus, who hosted the dinner where mary magdalene, or mary of bethany, anointed jesus’ feet with expensive ointment…but judas’ mother, in her own right, is also speculated to be mary of simon, mary of kerioth, and even a woman named cyborea, who apparently dreamed that the son she was carrying would one day betray israel’s deliverer from the romans…

whoever judas’ mother was, i don’t think it’s unreasonable to speculate that she was devastated to learn of judas’ suicide, especially if he was her firstborn son…

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