A-Caroling We Go

Join us in celebrating the Christmas season with these classic Christmas carols.

A cappella singer Peter Hollens released his rendition of Mary, Did You Know on December 8, 2015. In this arrangement, he sings all parts and then layers them together to create this beautiful performance.

Away In a Manger performed by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. Composed by William J. Kirkpatrick and arranged by Mack Wilberg.

The Irish music ensemble Celtic Woman performs Joy to the World.

Michael Bublé and the Coastal Sound Children’s Choir of British Columbia perform Silent Night.

The Piano Guys orchestrated this performance of Angels We Have Heard On High last year and broke the Guinness World Record for the largest live nativity. Featuring The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, David Archuleta, Peter Hollens, and many more singers and musicians.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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What a beautiful addition to Spectrum online! The a cappella “Mary Did You Know” brought tears to my eyes; he sings beautifully, true to pitch on all parts, and the message is powerful. Haven’t heard it done this way before, but I’ll replay it often.

Merry Christmas, Bonnie and everybody.


I just watched the “Mary Did You Know” video by Peter Hollens. This is one of my favorite Christian songs. It’s such a beautifully thought out concept of questions for Mary.

Peter Hollens’ version is wonderful.


Excellent choices Spectrum team. We pray for your creative and talented ministry of word and song as you journey through 2016. Rene and Ken Gale


Thank you.

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Looking at the picture kinda made me nostalgic regarding my early youth days.
This was back when the church had the Ingathering Program and encouraged everyone to raise $25. And really inflammed mission by challenging members to do a Jasper Wayne with $130.
As a youth in older grades of 5 to 10 in church school there was a person in church who got a bunch of us kids to come to her house [I had to take two buses to get there] on late November and December nights after school. There would usually be about 6 to 8 of us on those nights [when sundown was early in toledo, ohio]. And many of them were snowy [thanks to the winds from Canada blowing over Lake Erie].
We would go Christmas Caroling for about an hour and half from door to door around the large community. Then she would ask for an Ingathering Donation. We raised a lot of money with those One Dollar bills. We would count the money. Divide it up by who all were there that night, and she would turn it in with our names and amounts. Most of the years, those in our group saw our names listed earning a Jasper Wayne Award or higher numbers. At that time the church handed out a weekly Ingathering Report to the members with their names and amounts on it that was turned in.
Then came the Electronics. With the speakers on the cars playing Christmas Carols, but that was not as much fun as going door to door in a singing group, snow on the ground and colored by the lights on the homes, and wishing them in song “we wish you a merry christmas…” when we closed. Seeing the enjoyment they had with our little group singing on their door step. Giving us a Dollar or so, and taking our Ingathering Report paper in return.


I have always liked michael buble, and this is such a great rendition with all the kids…i know a violinist and a cellist who have played in his orchestras, and apparently he pays very well…unfortunately he only seems to hire attractive female players - oh well…

but besides michael, there are a number of other canadian singers who stand out…i’m thinking of bryan adams, celine dion, k.d. lang, sarah mclachlin, justin bieber, and from yrs ago, gordon lightfoot, anne murray, etc…but i do always try to take in michael’s xmas specials…his rags to riches story is a canadian classic…