A Case for Biblical Social Justice—Adventist Voices Podcast

I talk with attorney Stephen Allred, who also pastored for fourteen years, about his lucid new book Do Justice: The Case for Biblical Social Justice. We discuss how he artfully weaves together Ellen White and major Biblical passages with Ta-Nehisi Coates, his own story to make the case that following Jesus means caring for structural change in society. 

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Fortunately the USA does not have a racist issue anymore. That was all addressed back in the 50’s and 60’s. Our US Constitution validates that all citizens have equal justice and the right to pursue happiness. If the bible writers were alive today they would certainly agree with our Constitution, and they would be absolutely dismayed at the social terrorism that took place last summer and what is taking place in the public institutions today, even Martin Luther King would be dismayed.

“Fortunately the USA does not have a racist issue anymore.”

I wonder where the above idea comes from? Certainly not someone living in this country or in any way aware. I am astounded and equally disturbed that MLK would agree with the idea. Progress has been made but still a long way to go. The US Constitution did not guarantee equality for all, reason fo many amendments, slaves were not considered in it at all. I do wish people knew more about our countries history, but that is becoming even more ‘unpopular’. Sad state of affairs.


Just what is this “long way to go” that you mentio? Blacks can live anywhere, go anywhere, do whatever they want. No one is preventing them, and if they do, there is hell to pay.

Is it police brutality? Ask any policeman about how careful he will be if he is white and must deal with a black individual.

Are police killing unarmed blacks willy-nilly? Not at all. just look at the stats. There is very little killing of unarmed blacks, and when it happens it is almost always appropriate.

Are blacks just not safe. Hardly. Blacks are killing blacks, Not whites.

Do blacks lack opportunity? I don’t think so. With many businesses looking for blacks to fill various jobs, there is a real opportunity.

Are there issues? Sure, but most are not related to “systemic racism”.

So, just what is this long way of which you speak?

?? The constitution does mention slavery. But that part has been amended, and blacks have the same freedom I do. And many are taking advantage of it, and becoming successful. This place is a much better place than any other on earth for blacks to live. Some are coming from Africa to cross the southern border. Must be something here for them to risk such a journey.

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