A Change of Delegate Definitions Could Hurt Diversity

This is an expression of opinion rather than a statement of fact.

And the unrelated observation that former SDA’s still comment at SDA websites does nothing to substantiate the claim.

An alternative explanation is that the un-churched are happy with their decision to move beyond the absolutist views of organized religion and simply want to encourage others to “Come on in, the water’s fine!”


Indeed, I concede it is. Or even less factual, more experiential - an expression of a longing, of some desparation. It may have a lot to do with my own suffering and unwillingness to let “my” church be destroyed by toxic (and oh so humble) power struggles and blatant stupidity (google Bonhoeffer AND Stupidity). Thanks.


I’m going to try to memorize the Bonhoeffer thing you had in one of your other comments,


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I think that some people do need, or at least want to be part of a church, or group of fellow believers. Being an introvert, I don’t need it. I’ve been to other churches since leaving Adventism and really appreciated the level of biblical depth that came from the pulpit. But it’s not something that I feel a need for. My spouse and I listen to talks, sermons, or discussions on line fairly regularly, sometimes together, sometimes individually. I do enjoy getting together with friends and talking about whatever we feel like talking about concerning spiritual things.

Some formers do “hang around” and follow what is happening in the SDA church. I believe that I, and some others will always have an interest in it… You will find the same thing with former LDS, Scientologists, JW’s, and probably other groups. Some former SDA’s, and some former members from the aforementioned groups, may feel that by sharing what they have learned or experienced, it may help some members who are not very well informed about their particular church’s history, their doctrines compared with scripture, or their particular prophet, to know more than what they learned from the official source. I don’t think that most formers post on SDA websites. They may not know about the sites, or couldn’t care less.


I’m here for constant confirmation regarding the level of wrongness contained in the SDA teachings and practices I grew up being taught. I just love it.

And also to read thoughtful and informative articles.


One of the joys of my life is reading SDA dogma I once accepted as “truth” and remembering that there was also a time when I was concerned about monsters under my bed.




Like these?


Hey, monsters are real…

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I know this to be a fact ‘cause some of them once taught at SDA schools!

(I’m not naming names but one of them looked a little like the one on the right in @timteichman ’s picture…)

That was a long time ago, though, so I’m sure they’ve weeded out all the bad apples by now, right?


For my part, I just wished I’d paid more attention to the real prophetic voice of those days:


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I reached a point that I no longer can take the toxicity of thr SDACult.
My social network is still mostly with SDA people, and those friends will remain fiends for as long as they can take the fact that I quit this infamous religious system. I particiapte in some zoom meetings on Saturdays, but from now on I won’t attgend any meeting dealing with the Adventist Church or EGW. There are other options around, as you described. My comments here are ending, I am only replying to a couple of posts that are evtually directed at me.


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