A Church Captured: The Battle for Control of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Burundi — Part 6

Editor’s Note: In this six-part series for Spectrum, journalist Godfrey Sang explores the current tensions in the Adventist church in Burundi. This article originally appeared in the current Spectrum print journal (volume 48, issue 1), and is reprinted online in full.

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Sadventist Church - a body where ethics and integrity, as exhibited by some
individuals, are presently in high demand but short supply at various levels of
administration; as reported at length by Godfrey Sang.
Is this because of a leadership obsession (not emanating from Africa) with
numbers and power games, instead of preaching the Gospel of reconciliation -
to God and to one another.
Lord have mercy on us all, in our brokenness.

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Sadly, the devil does not care how he destroys the church, only that the members get discouraged and leave… :unamused:

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It seems that the Early Church also struggled with ethnic issues over Jews and Gentiles. Too bad that the SDA church has neglected to preach Paul’s teachings which tore down the barriers between Jews and gentile’s.


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