A Congregational Prayer for Father’s Day Sabbath

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name”

We bow before you this Sabbath morning, bringing hearts of praise, confession, gratitude, and petition.

We praise you for being Creator, Savior, & Sustainer of life We confess our sins, grateful for your forgiveness We are also grateful for the blessings we have been reminded of this day…

  • For birthdays and anniversaries
  • For graduations and other achievements
  • For restored health and for hope and for peace

But others of us today need these very things…

We come to you this morning asking for restored health, For strength to continue medical treatment without the discouragement that comes with it, For success through upcoming surgeries and healing from past ones

We come to you together asking for restored relationships, For healing in our homes, work places, in our hearts

We also need healing as a nation Some of us hear of families separated from each other at our border and we see a necessary evil; Others of us see it as against the very way of Jesus. Please be with us as we navigate these very difficult waters. And please be with the hurting and frightened fathers and mothers and children.

“Our Father, who art in heaven…” As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend it is, for many of us, a time to honor the first man in our lives who gave us a sense of security and taught us integrity. But for others of us, this day remembering father contains a mixture of emotions…

“Our Father, who art in heaven…” please heal those wounds too… we ask for the peace that only you can give…the peace that passes all understanding.

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…” You are holy. & You are part of our family. What an amazing God you are.

We praise your name. Amen.

Kendra Haloviak Valentine is New Testament scholar and Dean of General Education at La Sierra University. This prayer was given at the Azure Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church on June 16, 2018. It is reprinted here with permission.

Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash

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“As we celebrate Father’s Day this weekend it is, for many of us, a time to honor the first man in our lives who gave us a sense of security and taught us integrity…But for others of us, this day remembering father contains a mixture of emotions…”

And there it is…something we are ok about slipping into our devotions for fathers on their special day but dare not do it on mothers day…


I don’t know any rule about not mentioning a mix of emotions upon Mother’s Day. Feel free to express it when that particular holiday comes again, Danny. I am sure that no one will object if you feel the need to express this as many men have trouble doing.


I hope that all the Spectrum fathers out there have had a wonderful day no matter where they are! Our lives are all richer and more blessed because of your presence. :blue_heart:


Its the underlying swipe at dads in the prayer…we all know what this means Kim…lets not beat about the bush shall we…why do we have to have this subtle message to fathers on their special day that some have inadequate fathers…this sentiment expressed in the prayer is totally out of order…I wonder if when mothers day comes the same underlying doubt will be expressed in their prayer…

I don’t see it as a “underlying swipe”…it maybe more a personal slant on this particular issue for you. I don’t see any more comments about this than yours.

Its not a particular issue for me Kim…if you cant see a subtle dig there at dads then I cant help you…

I didn’t ask for any “help”, Danny. :slight_smile:

Ok…stay mystified…but many will understand exactly what I mean…why bring up the fact that some have inadequate fathers on fathers day? We dont do it on mothers day…

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I already gave you a solution to your issue if you choose to use it…or you can continue to wring hands if you wish. Or continue to complain as some prefer to do.

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Like the WO advocates Kim?

Oh, yes…I can certainly see the similarities. Complaining about a perfectly appropriate Father’s Day prayer and then comparing it to systematic discrimination towards women in the Adventist Church. They are absolutely equal. :wink:

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So its ok to complain as long as I agree with your take on things Kim?

Would you anyway, Danny? Conversation is now over…have a good evening or morning wherever you are. :slight_smile:


It seems to me it was over before it began Kim…

Maybe “La La Land?”… :slight_smile: :innocent:


It was my thought, also. :grinning:

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