A Critique of Spiritual Vigilantes by Danny Shelton


You are most welcome, Danny.

Praying with you that God’s highest vision for the Adventist people in service to the world will be fulfilled.

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thanks a lot for this comment. for the links and for the video. generally for everything. there’s a lot what i can think about. Danny, thank you for the book and for such great words!

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Thanks for allowing @harryallen and @DannyS to go past their allotted one comment. I truly enjoyed their “conversation” especially being a mental health professional. It gave me an inkling as to how religious people think and what defense mechanisms they use. Far better than attending case conferences in grand rounds


“I oppose same-sex marriage on biblical and other grounds. But I live in a secular society, with people who need another argument, in order to be persuaded. We haven’t lived in a theocracy for millennia. So, to the people who oppose same-sex marriage, etc., I say make your case. But after you do, and the vote is taken, don’t cry “Not fair!”” Harry Allen

Followed this thread and like this quote. He has a lot of deep thought behind his responses. Without saying anything pointed or demeaning to anyone… THIS is the crux of the matter. I am sad to say that even well meaning SDA’s don’t understand the concept of freedom in the area of religion and separation of Church and State. Unfortunately, Danny is coming from a paradigm of political talking points and finding snippets of scripture to support his viewpoints. His phrasing and cliches are evidence of this. The very thought that religion’s ideas, values or laws of living, should be enough of a reason to be a law in our non-theocratic government exposes this. We can blame all sorts of things, blame this group or that group, for “America’s demise” but it appears that this is just lashing out. Our ONE job as Christians isn’t to be judge and jury forcing everyone to live by our ideals.

Freedom is God’s greatest right and the path to Him is always voluntary. When we insist that America has laws against abortion or gay marriage from solely religious beliefs, or if we even vote for a President because we think he will advance Christianity while limiting others, we are sorely misguided and don’t understand freedom at all. Not only that but when we rail on things with a political bias we become ineffective in our purpose as a Christian influence. Further, it can easily cross into hateful bigotry. Sometimes we give a message – but not the one we intend…

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Why are we allowing Satan to separate us? Similar disagreements were always present when Ellen White was alive. She never disagreed with such vehemence. We are gods mouth. We are gods hands. We are gods feet. It’s important that we uplift one another instead of divide and conquering.

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I don’t know if anyone addressed the music section regarding this, but Danny loves jazz and blues music. Now, I guess rock music wasn’t taken into his bias.
I mean, there’s a lot of unnecessary, petty nitpicking (like the exclamation point comments), but I see what you’re saying.
Definitely an eye-opener.

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Honestly I agree. I consider myself agnostic but I think the open-minded people just don’t understand the closed-minded and vice versa, as well. I think the open-minded people don’t realize that what they’re saying doesn’t have firm boundaries; a lot of this seems to be based on empathy, which should be only taken to a certain extent if you’re still wanting to go by the Bible (I don’t even know what this site is and I don’t know if it’s even religious, 'cuz I just found it. Lol) and follow its “rules.” I like to think of the commandments as moral precepts…
The thing is, with this whole LGBT issue, I don’t even know if I want to have anything to do with this religion. The studies that have been done on the brain and such on LGBT people show that it’s basically inevitable.
Anyway, Ellen White said some ridiculous things regarding music and other things. I don’t like how closed-minded this church is. But the open-minded “Christians” don’t realize that the Bible doesn’t really condone homo or bisexuality. Sure, it does say “Don’t judge your neighbor” or however it’s worded, but it still says that homosexuality is an abomination. That doesn’t change anything. So many Christians I see just ignore it and say “Well I’ll still love my child regardless!” but at the same time these extreme SDAs are like “It’s just a choice” and so that would take a whole lot of…work.
This religion is a mess because of today’s society. Christianity as a whole, I mean. I think I’ll go for some Buddhism. :slight_smile: :+1:

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Really appreciated the review/critique of Danny Shelton’s book. Whoever “C.M. Kinny’s Ghost” is doesn’t really matter. I completely get that he would not want to use his real name.
Mr. Ghost clearly has critical thinking skills that go beyond the usual Adventist mindset. It is that mindset that has allowed sda’s to be propagandized to the point that most of them really believe that the gay marriage issue and the abortion controversy are really end/time issues. Neither do they understand that these issues are only a couple of the many sins and flaws in our society today. So why aren’t other critical issues
at the forefront of Adventist concern?
Because Republican Evangelicals and Catholics selected, groomed, and fomented these moral issues for political controversy.
How sad that Adventists have made these political/moral issues their own pet causes, to the exclusion of true end/time critical issues.
As a result of climbing on the evagelical bandwagon, we have yet another selection for our highest court—one that will seal the fate of church state separation. Do we not grasp what has been happening in SCOTUS?
Didn’t anyone read Ellen White ? I thought we had an advantage and special insight! Hah!
We dont even read the Constitution correctly anymore. Oh, except for the obsession with the Second Amendment. Shame on us for being distracted by others’ causes and forgetting our own commitment to religious liberty.


Attended a wedding yesterday for Danny Shelton’s granddaughter and a relative of mine. Just realizing the next day.


So you are against those that are pro-life and believe it is a moral issue?
You’re concerned about SCOTUS new judge because of abortion?

So the right to life is “others’ causes”? How about the right to live so one can have the possibility of religious liberty?

What, elective abortions? That is special.

@JohnCarson want to weigh in since you liked it?


However you may feel about what you are now ‘realizing’ . . .

Danny Shelton’s grand kids are related to him by flesh, but hopefully not in ‘spirit’.
My father’s father was a wife-beater. My mother’s a child-beater.
I’m neither, but I look a bit like both.

If Danny Shelton had not had the nerve to join the ‘rumor mill’ he claims to disdain as ‘sin’, and point the finger at Ron Wyatt as being a ‘con man’, he might have preserved a little of his own disguise, from my point of view. But, it is possible that Danny’s grand daughter behaves nothing like Danny.

I hope the new marriage is great !


yes I would never tag generational baggage on anyone.



I have followed your threads with danny and found them most interesting and insightful as to the level of thinking that is being applied.

Specifically that the level of thinking that went into the content of Spiritual Vigilantes is a symptom of the actual problem. So many of the commentators demonstrate the level of thinking that exemplifies the results of deep systemic racism that, so ingrained in the culture, can scarcely be recognized by those who profess to be Gods remnant. Through many comments you can trace theological cherry picking, base racial supremacy, ignorance and fear. I find myself in shock that after all the guidance God has provided many (even those in the public eye) still do not understand that we are called to a higher purpose to be a standard bearer in all aspects of life.

Rev 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues".

If by action, thought word or deed you still conduct your life with unsanctified level of thinking you are in fact still in Babylon.

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Dear @David1:

Thank you for following the threads, and for your kind words.