A Crossroads in Adventist Education: Our Next Steps

Higher education is in tumult across the nation, and Adventist universities are no exception. They face troubling enrollment numbers, financial turmoil, critics, and doubters. Andrea Luxton, former president of Andrews University, has recently taken on roles within the North American Division as the associate director for higher education and the executive director of the Association of Adventist Colleges and Universities. She discussed some of these challenges, as well as some of the possible roads forward, in a recent conversation with Spectrum.

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It would be nice to read published past annual reports of AACU that show any sign or trend regarding the achievement of its objective.

Here is a research report commissioned by the AACU:

CollegeImpact-Research-Report-Summary.pdf (adventistcolleges.org)

I agree there’s some meaningful benefit derived by graduates of our SDA schools that they couldn’t possibly have acquired by attending a public university. I’m curious though if AACU has succeeded in fostering a spirit of collaboration. Any evidence to show what the participating schools have achieved along this line?

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Right now, Hamas and the IDF are doing their best to annihilate each other, all in the interest of making the world a better place.

Can Adventist educators and theologians provide evidence that the exceptionalism and divisiveness they propound are essentially different or better than than the philosophies of the combatants in the Middle East?

Are SDA “good intentions” more or less likely to take humanity further along the path to destruction than the “good intentions” of every other organized religion?

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Beyond what was mentioned in the article, I couldn’t find anything on the website. I didn’t see a link to annual reports.

Interesting assertion. What meaningful benefit would that be? I can’t think of anything…

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