“A Declaration of War” — Pastor Geoff Patterson Examines the Unity Document

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Neither implying nor insinuating anything but simply trying to understand. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” (Adapted from Covey, 7 Habits…). Thank you for helping me to better understand. @Timo


Look and Live."–Hanging upon the cross Christ was the gospel. Now we have a message, “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world.” Will not our church members keep their eyes fixed on a crucified and risen Saviour, in whom their hopes of eternal life are centered? This is our message, our argument, our doctrine, our warning to the impenitent, our encouragement for the sorrowing, the hope for every believer. If we can awaken an interest in men’s minds that will cause them to fix their eyes on Christ, we may step aside, and ask them only to continue to fix their eyes upon the Lamb of God. They thus receive their lesson. Whosoever will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. He whose eyes are fixed on Jesus will leave all. He will die to selfishness. He will believe in all the Word of God, which is so gloriously and wonderfully exalted in Christ." {6BC 1113.1}

“As the sinner sees Jesus as He is, an all compassionate Saviour, hope and assurance take possession of his soul. The helpless soul is cast without any reservation upon Jesus. None can bear away from the vision of Christ Jesus crucified a lingering doubt. Unbelief is gone (MS 49, 1898).” {6BC 1113.2}

(Taylor Bunch tried to re-teach such things in the 1930s at Battle Creek in his Sabbath vespers studies on ‘Two Parallel Movements’ . . . and was eventually silenced by ‘Old White Men’ who ‘knew better’.)

Where was Christ driven without protest as a ‘lamb to the slaughter’, and as a ‘dumb sheep before shearers’ ?
‘Within the camp’ of Israel ?
‘Within the gates’ of Judah’s Jerusalem ?
Within the now ‘desolate’ ‘your house’ which He had cleansed twice, only to find that His own preferred it filthy ?
Was the humiliated and crucified true version of the Jewish-Christian Messiah, a ‘member in good-standing’ in full compliance with ‘majority votes’ of the ‘Remnant Church’ ?
But where did that Messiah-King’s ‘True Coronation’ take place, if not ‘without’ all of the above ?
And how can I be drawn to that which is not directly before my own eyes, drawing on my own heart-strings ?
And how can I lead others to that scene if I do not ‘Come, follow Me.’ – Jesus – to ‘without’ all of the above ?

The much-pilloried Ron Wyatt followed in ‘crazy’ 'General ‘Chinese’ Gordon’s and Christ’s own footsteps ‘without the gate’ of old Jerusalem, at Gordon’s Golgotha. Gordon was first to identify Jeremiah’s Grotto at Golgotha as the resting place of the ‘Ark of the Covenant’. Nearly a century after Gordon abandoned his excavations there after seeing that the English bought the site, and before going to die in battle with the forces of the Islamic ‘Mahdi’- ‘Messiah’ in the Sudan . . . Ron Wyatt picked up where Gordon had stopped just before the Sunday Laws and SDA GC of ‘1888’. ( Ellen has said that when the national ‘Sunday Laws’ take effect, the stone tablets of the law of God given to Moses would be revealed to the whole world. If the ‘ark’ they are in is not also revealed to at least some one in the world, then how can the rocks stored in that box be ? Gordon was ready before 1888, Wyatt before 1888’s centennial ‘celebrations’.)

Ron not only found evidence of Gordon’s excavations, but he found evidence of a stoning-execution ground, and also crossholes drilled into solid Jerusalem limestone. Across the one in the middle ran an earthquake crack on the edges of which Ron found a dried, blackened substance which, when tested, matched the same substance he found at the bottom of that same crack (through which he later pushed a steel measuring tape for 20 feet) on January 6, 1982 at 2:00 pm Jerusalem time . . . the same dried blood and formerly watery serum which when genetically-tested turned out to have 23 female + 1 male, sex-determining ‘chromosome’, not the usual 23 F + 23 M.

(Turns out the ‘Promised Seed’ was actually, primarily a miraculously-fertilized female ‘egg’ ! Meaning, although Christ was most definitely ‘male’ according to His own 8th-day-circumcised ‘flesh’, all of His human physical characteristics were inherited purely from a human woman, not a human man.
Christ was most definitely ‘touched with the feelings of even women’s infirmities’, while most definitely possessing His Heavenly Father’s Divine ‘zakar’-memory. Yet, He blended both as the ‘At-One-Ment’ of human-flesh nature and Divine-Spirit nurture. . . fascinating !)

Back to Ron Wyatt:
. . . who also found that same ‘watery’ dried blood on the right side, ‘westward’, on the at-one-ment-cover of the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ directly below the cracked solid limestone in which the middle cross-hole was ‘drilled’.

“As in the typical service the high priest laid aside his pontifical robes and officiated in the white linen dress of an ordinary priest (human DNA-flesh); so Christ laid aside His royal robes (Divine outward form) and garbed Himself with humanity and offered sacrifice, Himself the priest, Himself the victim. As the high priest, after performing his service in the holy of holies, came forth to the waiting congregation in his pontifical robes; so Christ will come the second time, clothed in garments of whitest white, “so as no fuller on earth can white them.” Mark 9:3. He will come in His own glory, and in the glory of His Father, and all the angelic host will escort Him on His way.” ~ AA 33

Without gladly taking much longer, what this means is, that unknown to the Leaders of the Jewish ‘Remnant Church’, that desolate ‘Temple’ they so revered had actually been re-centered ‘without the camp’ of failed ‘Israel’-‘overcomers’, and ‘without the gate’ of the city of the ‘Teaching of Peace’, so that as they marched the ‘Lamb of God’ out to the right side of the ‘place of the skull face’, they were not only going to church, but leading the procession of ‘all’ who would thereafter be drawn to Christ, but not to themselves, the ‘church leaders’. They, themselves, in trying to humiliate Jesus – to Whom they were fearful of losing both their place and their nation, their church and their state – actually deprived themselves of their proud place and proud nation !

As Ellen pointed out, compared to Heaven’s own method of ruling – the ‘Circuit of Beneficence’-- ‘The law of self-preservation is the law of self-destruction.’

Now, bringing this up to date with the current SDA leadership and world events involving Ron Wyatt’s re-discoveries:

When Ron Wyatt started collecting all of this re-discovery information, he went to his SDA ‘conference’ leaders to find help in publicizing the information. They told him to contact the current 'official SDA archaeologist, which he did, and was greatly encouraged. Then he got a phone call explaining how bad it would look for the SDA church if their own, official archaeologist was not given credit for re-discovering the things Ron had invested so much of his own money and time in finding, not SDA church money. In return for Ron’s compliance with their plans, they offered him a church to pastor (he had once been a colporteur). Ron refused to lie and to be silenced by entrusting the information and his livelihood and reputation into such unscrupulous, entrapping hands. . . .

And, who was the SDA GC president around 1982, when Ron must have asked the ‘conference’ for help ? It is interesting that Ted Wilson, whose father was the SDA leader in the Arabic regions where Ron made so many re-discoveries, should have mentioned – I believe in one of his GC speeches – that his own father, while serving in Egypt had explored and found the likely site of the ‘Red Sea Crossing’. Yet the site identified by Ron Wyatt and his sons – who literally risked their own lives in the process of identifying the crossing site at Nuweiba, Egypt, and also the increasingly-accepted Saudi Arabian ‘Mt. Sinai’ – is now about to be swallowed up by the Saudi ‘MBS’ crown prince’s plans to bury the evidence of the Israelite ‘exodus’ from Egypt, beneath the massive, robotic Neom megacity in which investors in his ‘2030’ vision plans will be allowed to write and therefore ‘command’ the new laws.

This is why Khashoggi lost his fingers before being further dissected (?) – he criticized MBS’s methods of executing his ‘2030’ vision for a ‘New Future’ (‘Neom’) for Saudi Arabia and world trade. . . and all of this was happening while the Annual Council has distracted the SDA church from the much larger scenes of the ‘Great Controversy’ occurring all around us.

So, I’m not leaving God’s church sanctuary. Actually, by going ‘without the gate’, I’m going TO God’s church sanctuary, where the ‘heart of Jesus’ containing God’s law of self-annihilation and other-preservation is located at the ‘foot of the cross’ beneath the ‘footstool’ of Heaven’s throne in a cave at Jeremiah’s Grotto to the right of Golgotha and left of the Garden Tomb . . . This site is merely a ‘parable’ of that true ‘citadel of the soul’, that miniature ‘Jerusalem’ located within the ‘right’ of all human skulls, which Jones once described to the SDA GC in session, and which 21 neuroscientists and brain anatomists were describing in 21 peer-reviewed papers as Ted Wilson was taking office in 2010. . . but that’s an even longer, more fascinating story.

First, as an ‘apostate’ beginning in 1994, and then after as a ‘web member’ since 2009, I have studied and contemplated the pieces of the Bible puzzles freely and enthusiastically in harmony with rapidly emerging scientific discoveries, on my own, until I have been fairly bursting to paint a much bigger picture before others . . . but, like Ron Wyatt, ‘Who to go to for help ?’

What I was piecing together only made sense in harmony with SDA understandings of the Bible and Ellen, and especially with those pilloried understandings of Ellen, Waggoner and Jones from the 1888 era. So, For 15 years, now, I have tried unsuccessfully to pass along the new ‘stuff’ I’ve stumbled across to SDA leaders who should be better equipped to handle and publish it than I ever will be . . . with only silence, ridicule and council to ‘repent’ as responses. And, amazingly, the worst abuse came from ‘1888’ fans, themselves, such as, “Herbert Douglass was right. (He refused to speak with me on the phone in 2010. . . ‘too busy’.) Go waste someone else’s time !” ( I don’t have an imagination rich enough to make this response up !) Finally, just a year before too-busy Will Pergerson crashed his plane in Battle Creek, he seemed to take an interest . . . now ashes.

So, still, no success in finding SDA help, and now I’m rapidly advancing to the ash can, myself, with no SDA leader having the time or willingness to accept my ‘gift’ of ‘connections’ to aid in the ‘Gospel Work’. . . So, seems that I’d be in Better Company, ‘without the gate’, huh ?

“When I reflect upon the number of disagreeable people who I know have gone to better world, I am moved to lead a different life.”
~ Mark Twain, from Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar

. . . present company excepted. Thanks for listenin’ !


10/28/18 - #2

One of many ironies.

I understand dealbreakers, and I understand that this is yours and your wife’s.

Mine happened long ago.

The Gothard pastor told me to “be a missionary to the Adventists” (while submitting to them). Yeah, that worked out…

At a certain point of insanity, Come out of her, My people kicks in. You know it when it happens to you.

It’s painful and lonely to be a man without a country.


Yeah, but since some pain can also be ‘pleasure’, it can also be ‘good’ . . .
Gotcha, Mandelbrot Set !


What a sweet thing to hear ! Thanks, much !


I have emailed my current pastor, in the past, trying to be ‘vocal’, with no response . . . . Sorry.
That’s the Hell of all this SDA leadership mess, isn’t it ?
The nightmare of a having plenty of voice with no where to go with it . . . except according to the convictions of our current leaders ?


Do it again. He needs to hear from you now. This week. Don’t make it long. Be to the point. It’s about time that Pastor Barbara McCoy not be held back. Affirm her and her long-past need to be affirmed, authorized, and ordained. It’s long past time.

Your voice can make a difference. Send a copy to the conference president, the union president, the NAD president, and the GC president.



Ezekiel 34 gives a very timely description of such false shepherd ‘leaders’ profiting from the flock they are supposedly caring for. But then it goes further and addresses the ‘fat’ bullies within the flock that muddy the waters and trample the grass before the ‘lean’ of the same flock can drink and eat. In our area of Michigan, their are plenty of these ‘fat’ bullies who speak before the congregation in the ‘too busy’ pastors’ absences.

My wife and I ran into 2 poor, ‘hungry’ ( their own words) women who were both abused this way by 3 very strong ‘masculine’ women in their congregation (one who repeatedly preached against ‘WO’ from the SDA pulpit, even ! ?) and were finally fleeing. One was a fresh ex-Catholic who begged to meet with my wife and I on Sabbaths. She then asked if her departing sister-in-law could come , too. And that ignited a gut-wrenching firestorm from their ‘ordained’ male SDA pastor, who, among other attacks and accusations, insisted that we cowards must meet ‘behind the sign’ at the SDA church on Sabbaths, instead. . . . Again, my blood runs so hot in memory of that abusive SDA male ‘pastor’ and his female ‘thugs’, that I cannot trust myself in the physical presence of such people.

But there are also beautiful promises in Ezekiel 34, to God’s rescued flock, that He will establish them safely in the wilder places, away from the bullies. Is it God’s fault that those bullies are entrenched so safely in the SDA churches ? Then, if God, Himself, chooses the safety of the wilds over the SDA church structures occupied by bullies, for His own harassed flock – rather than repeatedly, futile-y battling with those who squat on His real estate and disrupt any possible ‘Sabbath-rest’ – why should I protest such Good News ?

As Jesus proved many times on the wilder shores of the Sea of Galilee of the Gentiles, God’s truest ‘flock’ is far to large for even cathedrals, anyway.

Some of our best Sabbaths have been spent alone with each of those women, eating, talking and reading aloud, freely, without reserve, high in the fresh air above Lake Michigan in the Sleeping Bear Dunes. . . the bullies can keep ‘their’ moldy old shack.


My life experiences cannot be condensed to a ‘point’ without becoming tasteless and vague, even to myself, who purposely numbs and suppresses them to less than ‘points’ just in order to get on with life.

So, I’ll stick with the hope that God has ‘all the time in the world’ on His hands for listening, and thank you for listening, too, when you do so. But lately, not even Christ, Himself, has been too successful with ‘too busy’ ‘stony-ground hearers’ such as those those presidents and pastor you have mentioned. Am I more effective than Christ ? No way.


Hi there, ‘niteguy2’ !

‘Twice bitten, thrice shy.’, they should also say.
This is the first time leaving SDA membership for my wife, my 2nd.
But, speaking for myself, I did not join another denomination the first time around, nor do I wish to this time.

As for just staying ‘at home’. . . first I have to get there.
I lost my retirement pension when I quit the union to ease my conscience – for the second time, too. And even including the years of union membership I have had to ‘tramp’ it around the U.S. in pursuit of work since 1999, leaving my wife behind ‘at home’.

So, for years, when I have work, I have read over the phone to my wife before we each go to work every morning. I have also recorded hundreds of CDs of ‘1888’-related writings, Ellen books and books of the Bible for that sweet ex-Catholic woman who first begged to meet with my wife and I on Sabbaths to escape the bullies in her local SDA church.

(She was on prescription opioids for over 20 years and other drugs for depression after tragic car accident and divorce experiences, and could not stay awake reading or driving, so she listens to my recordings to stay awake in her car. Those recordings include my comments tailored for her level of understanding, or not.)

She did this soon after I wrote her a letter explaining ‘gold tried in the fire’ to her in light of Ellen’s 1888-era writings, in answer to her, 'What is . . .? question that one of the bully-women of her SDA congregation answered for her at their home prayer meeting much to briefly, as just, “Faith and Love”, before going on with ignoring her. She had just been told by her boss at her job as a cashier at ‘Meijer’ Friendly Markets, that she could no longer say, “Have a blessed day !” to her loyal checkout line customers, and my wife and I could not help feeling sorry for her. (An atheist came through her line and complained.)

So, including all of you at ‘Spectrum’, we’re pretty much set up with business as usual in our small home study group, as far as ‘church membership’ goes. My wife still meets with our sleepy friend on Sabbaths that they are both free to do so, and I still wish I could be with them instead of rotting in motel rooms during summer construction seasons, until I’m free to spend winters at home. So, giving up ‘web’ membership in Florida is no real change for us in Michigan. Its the current reason for leaving that causes any real pain.

My wife has friends from work that she would love to be able to help, but has to stay away from the topic of ‘religion’ to do so, for fear that they will learn that she is an SDA, visit the local SDA church ‘bullies’ some Sabbath, and end up hurting them more, instead of helping them. So, instead, she tries to transform and distill all of her ‘religious beliefs’ into a package of sweetness that her co-workers just can’t resist, or understand, leaving them scratching their heads ! . . . Which her twisted sense of humor just loves to see happen ! :smiley:

You see, ‘soul winning’ is easy, and even fun, just as Jesus once told His students at Jacob’s Well, ‘The fields are white for the harvest.’ Millions are hurting and ‘ripe’ for better things. But ‘soul keeping’ is something the SDA church has failed repeatedly at, and our best friends deserve better . . . Don’t you think ?

(Elmer Cupino) #91

I believe the real issue hides behind why they are fed a lie. TW and his ADCOMM have lost sight as to the difference between power and influence. There are two kinds of leaders, kings and prophets. Kings rule by power whereas prophets rule by influence. Kings are forgotten whereas prophets live forever. Soon we will all forget TW and his ADCOMM.


(Steve Mga) #92

Dennis –
Perhaps your wife and her friend need to attend Open Meetings of Alcoholic Anonymous
or Narcotic Anonymous or Al-anon to get a better understanding of relationship with one’s
Higher Power.
Not think of one’s Higher Power as the SDA God, but just Higher Power who is interested
in the lives of us humans. “Pray” or “Talk” to their Higher Power and learn to Meditate by
listening [not sharing] at the meetings.


I think I understand what you are saying, and this great news may or may not affect that somewhat:

One of the happiest things to happen this year in our tiny ‘church’ is that our friend was finally weaned off of her over-2-decade Oxycontin prescription, successfully ! She is happy to be done with the worry and expense, since the insurance stopped paying for her care some 20 years after the car accident when a woman crossed the line and hit her head-on (on her way home to her first birthday party in her honor, ever, in 40 years) severing her left leg, which surgeons successfully re-attached.

What a relief that she is somewhat back to ‘normal’ and feeling pain, again, now !

(Adrian Ghitta) #94

Thanks, George! Indeed, we have had doctrines that had to be abandoned. Besides the “Shut Door”, there were others, like the “Perfectionism” of the last generation. Even the traditional doctrines you mentioned (to which I would add a few more) need to be (in my opinion) revisited and updated, because I am afraid that if we don’t do anything about it, even the “traditional” doctrines will be defeated by the inconsistencies they include here and there, or by the fact that they are subject to interpretation, like it or not. The IJ is a good example, but you know it all too well. Another one is the lie of YEC “scientific” creationism preached by leaders like Batchelor, Finley, Goldstein, etc., where the irony is that they try to fight Darwinian evolution with the Bible, something that not even Galileo tried to do. Genesis, as shown by an increasing number of scholars, does not present a scientific explanation of origins, but rather a series of polemical theological ideas aimed against the prevailing mythologies of those times.

But talking about the youth in North/West leaving the church, while in the South/East joining the church, there seems to be a divide based on education and culture. As Cristian (@cristiand) mentioned, we taught the South/East in the past whatever they believe now (the traditional doctrines), be it right or wrong. However, in the West you cannot “sell” the traditional doctrines like in the past, be it the YEC doctrine, the “historical-grammatical” method as a Procrustean bed of Biblical exegesis, etc… Actually, all five areas that the compliance committees are supposed to address are seriously flawed. The TW et comp.'s version of the “truth” on these matters is the reason for the conflict (thereby creating noncompliance) with what a great number of Westerners believe to be the truth. I admire your embracing of the Sola Scriptura principle, but … guess what? The Bible is subject to interpretation in so many areas that you have thousands of protestant denominations claiming to use the Sola Scriptura principle. I would say that it is not enough to use that principle, but we need to interpret the Bible using the rationality which God bestowed on us humans to use. We have to unlearn many things and learn again.

(Adrian Ghitta) #95

I couldn’t agree more! The power grab has been the root of all evil since the dawn of mankind. I am not so sure that the prophets can be excused as being not interested in power. The kings and the priests are two of the oldest and greatest tyrants the world has ever known who grabbed power over other people in the name of God. Whether they had the strongest arm and the longest sword or their temple was seated on the highest mountain, you just had to submit and to comply. History is full of kings or emperors who “descended” from gods and often they were also the priests (it seems to have been an internal power struggle between the kings and the priests). However, God created us free; therefore the root of evil, like one of my friends said, is the revolt against freedom, even against your own freedom. The five areas of compliance have been carefully selected. They claim to be based on the “right” understanding of God’s Word, but they are meant to maintain the lay members in submission to their leaders.

(Elmer Cupino) #96

I am currently reading the book “Essays on Ethics” by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks who contends that the story of creation was a polemic against its time when there were stratified layers of position. The Bible was considered radical when it proclaimed we were created in the image of God, meaning we were all created equal.

Forensic psychiatry has determined through numerous forensic cases that the root of all evil to be the loss of empathy. WO is a result of the loss of empathy or lack of empathy on behalf of our current GC leaders.

(George Tichy) #97

Yes, this is the best way to get the KGC - Kompliance Gestapo Commando - knocking on your door!.. LOL

(David R Larson) #98

The Compliance Committees at this time are focused on institutions and organizations more than individuals. If or when they turn to individuals, it is likely that I will become “a person of interest” to two of them (women’s ordination and homosexuality). Also, I believe that I am one of the very few persons in these discussions whom a General Conference president has personally try to fire.

Yet I do not share the alarm expressed by many in this discussion. I experience nothing even remotely close to it.

The first thing one must consider in cases like this is the magnitude of the possible harm. In this case, it is very small. The very worst that could happen to anyone is that one would be fired. That wouldn’t be a pleasant experience; however, it is not as bad as being burned alive, crucified upside down, stretched from limb to limb on a rack, beheaded, thrown into a vessel of burning oil, tied in a sack and thrown into a river and on and on.

The second thing one must consider in cases like this is the probability of the harm. It is very low in this instance. We can precisely quantify how much effective administrative influence (power) the General Conference has in this circumstance. It is no more and no less than of it than the Executive Committees and Boards of Trustees of other SDA organizations voluntarily give it.

Even though I work for one of the very few General Conference institutions, it cannot fire me. Only the Board of Trustees of my university can do this. If I am fired, it will be because my Board of Trustees lost confidence in me in which case I should be fired.

The only reason to be alarmed is if one is uncertain as to whether one will be able to resist the possible pressure. Although the General Conference can destroy no one, we can do this to ourselves and too often we do.

Again: Cowards die a thousand deaths but the brave die only once!

(Adrian Ghitta) #99

I agree with the polemical angle of Genesis, which more and more scholars are now embracing. John D. Currid has an interesting booklet on this idea. Regarding the “Image of God”, this was not a new concept in the ANE texts. But the Genesis’ author takes this concept and turns it on its head, as he does so often with various ANE concepts in the Pentateuch. While in the Mesopotamian and Egyptian texts these concepts (known as “The Washing of the Mouth” or “The Opening of the Mouth”) only apply to the images of gods installed in their temples or to the pharaoh’s mummy as a (re)birth into living in the afterlife (Catherine L. McDowell has a well-written dissertation, an later a book, on this subject), the Genesis author redefines its meaning to suggest the relationship between God and humanity. All people are made in the image of God, not just the gods or those privileged.

(Steve Mga) #100

Adrian –
The 4th Commandment.
Employers and Employees [and even the animals] are to Celebrate together.
ALL Celebrate together in the SAME ROOM, around the SAME TABLE.
On the Sabbath – ALL are Equal with EACH OTHER.

This is NOT traditional in other Cultures of that time which had different Social
Strata who did not Socialize with each other.
By the time Jesus came on the scene this non-Socialization mentality of the Gentiles
had invaded the Jewish minds of His day.
Jesus got into lots of trouble by breaking these Socialization practices.