A Deeply Troubled Church

There you go again…
If Christians are all so bad, I wonder which religion have you picked for yourself. Are you a Muslim now?.. :roll_eyes:


Deceived doesn’t usually/always equate to “bad”. Disciples were deceived by Pharisees & Sadducees which resulted in getting gypped on life and not understanding purpose & role of Jesus.

Yes, I got what you were saying. I agree with your comment. Christians who attend church on Sunday aren’t “in the truth”, “don’t have the truth”, or “are deceived”.

Who really is deceived? :sunglasses:


I would say…following their preacher…like most do since 90% of churchgoers have never read the whole bible and just are blind following the blind. They don’t apply ACTS 17:11

My deepest apologies. My comments about bonding in Christ through community were in no way meant to disparage those with any kind of limitations to prevent attendance.

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I still don’t understand how your prior comment could have been interpreted the way it was. I saw nothing in it that would qualify as “disparaging” to anybody. But, well…


George –
Harrpa was just parroting what I said.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy Religious Relationships with one’s fellow Humans if
they are [or have to be] at home watching TV, listening to the Radio, or doing
“church” by Internet.
Perhaps Carol Hooker needs to PROMOTE “Home Churches” for those unable
to attend “church” outside of their home.
Vice President for Home Churches — could be another office in all our Conferences.


HaHa Steve, I had noticed that. I read your post before hers. But I still wanted to “mess” with it…
I guess you know me well enough and are not surprised, right?.. :wink: :innocent:

PS- By the way, I agree with you. Doing church b Internet is very convenient and practical since we can actually pick & choose, and “go” to several churches in one same day. One sermons is poor, get another one! The only thing we will always miss is that special moment when the members “exchange bugs” as they shake hands and say, “Happy Sabbath!”… Maybe one more reason to “do church on the Internet,” uh??? :wink:

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by Internet especially if they are in different time zones.
Maybe do the “knuckle bump” instead.

Many Protestant churches, i.e. Episcopal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, etc. follow a “lectionary” of Bible readings that are read allowed in church. By this method, these Christians hear large portions of the OT, Psalms, Epistles, and Gospels every Sunday. They hear far more of the Bible than Adventists do in church. These are God’s beloved children. They are focused on living out Christ’s love. Let us not denigrate our sisters and brothers in Christ!


How do YOU know they are following a “false” Jesus? I see that as an accusatory and judgmental statement which is wholly unfounded. I’ve been well acquainted with Christians outside the Seventh-day Adventist Church for over 50 years and have learned that many are deeply committed followers of Jesus who are doing the best they know how in their relationship with him. You will NOT reach them through condemnation, insult, or belittling!


Do “deeply committed followers of Jesus” need to be reached? This also seems a bit arrogant on an SDA’s part. I know that wasn’t the intent, but you do see how it comes across, right?


Personality, character, attitude check:

Let’s see,…if another one of your close church friends said you were deceived, would you get red-faced, upset or angry and reply to them…“How dare you condemn, insult and belittle me?”…or might you say…“That is interesting. How so? Please show me from the bible.” ??

Are you aware of the differences between Calvinism & Arminianism…monergism & synergism?

Didn’t God say to Job’s friends…you did not speak right about me like my servant Job?

Does the title of this article…“A Deeply Troubled Church” imply that the author is condemning, insulting, & belittling any SDA members?

Was Jesus doing any of that when saying that 5 of the 7 churches in Revelation 2 & 3 were messed up and needed to repent?

Do you regard any of the churches inRevelation as troubled, or are they all just doing swimmingly?

I find it fascinating that the subject of abortion that is very much in the news, and more an issue with SDA than most churches, that this publication hasn’t put out one article on the subject lately. Instead we hear of the immorality of walls, (dis)allowing women to preach and the degree to which eisegesis of the bible and EGW is used as a tool to justify their beliefs. Say what you want about the conservative publications- they are putting the issue out there for discussion.


It is really interesting what a non-issue the abortion topic is on SDA sites. I wonder what the genesis of this (mostly) silent topic is. It almost seems verboten.


There’s so much going on with this subject alone right now. The silence is deafening within Adventism. There is a direct connection to an evil component. Is there any doubt here? Anyone?


Jeremy, an organization that is transparent and encourages open and honest examination and discussion shows some signs of being healthy. At times I see some glimpses of that in the SDA church but I am afraid that is all there is for the most part. When Jan Paulsen was leader efforts were made to have organizational wholeness but with Ted Wilson he comes across as having hidden agendas and dysfunction is the status quo.

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