A Few Parallels with Last Generation Theology

This week’s Adult Bible Study Guide focuses on suffering and purification of character. On sanctification, Last Generation Theology reaches in several directions, but the lesson seems prone to wander close to it on these themes. Sunday’s study sets the parameters with this quote from Ellen G. White: 

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Do I smell stale waffles?


I don’t know why proponents of LGT would find this the go to parable. Nothing, absolutely nothing the wise (or foolish) virgins did hastened the arrival of the bridegroom. He came in his own time. The point of the parable is be ready at all times, not “The Second Coming: My Part in Hastening It”.


Wow, thanks for catching that. I looked at Friday’s lesson, and it’s off the rails (even for Friday, which is usually solely devoted to EGW). The suggested daily reading is, no kidding, 38 pages of Ellen White text.


OK, I also feel uneasy with this weeks SS Quarterly (Original Bible Study Guide 2022 / 3 + 4)

Now I am 84 and look back on guidance, failures, blessings, eager commitments, shallow commitments, some success - - and some persons in my little church here - my great examples :

Grandmother, RCC bred, having been baptized in the age of fifty, a dear, fiendly, loving, kind,compassionate, caring woman, giving shelter to a deserter of Wehrmacht on Aapril 6 1945 and also to a Red Army lieutenant two weeks later. Teachning me crochet knitting, having me taste her fir buds syrup - - studying her Bible earnestly - and on her deathbed wanting a fried chicken (in a time of austeriyt and restrictions ! - where to get a chicken !)- - and the commnuion service with minister and elderand on the bedside. . And the DP ( - “displaced person”), a refugee from Bohemia. And the former Wehrmacht soldier, converted to Adventism in a foxhole in Italy, a dedicated, dear fullly dedicatzed to this task - First Deacon of our church. And the Mrs. X, whom I had the chanc and blessing to guide her in her last months and weeks and days - out of a life in poverty and restraint and pain and domestic violence - and faith . And the one baptized in his eraly twenties, then already paralyzed and wheelchairbound - -

REQUIESSCANT IN PACE - they still" “are alive” with me ! (Rev 1 : 13 ) : - DONA NOBIS PACEM - (delibertely out from RCC liturgy !)

What LGT did they need ? Whar LGT theology do I need ? What LGT does my church need ??? - With such examples ???


There is so much wrong with this paragraph (for starters): This means Adventists will surpass Christ in their holy character.

That 's rancid oil you’re smelling.


I was thinking of the ‘waffling’ on the issue that was taking place in the lesson study. Haven’t seen a SS Quarterly in years, but it was ‘stale’ way back when!!


I used to teach an adult class. I looked at the title and ignored the rest. Got up 5 AM and wrote my own. - a loooong time ago.


Wait til the new generation of pastors are expected to go “back to the future” (1950s), they’ll have to go back to school for refresher course.


probably not…the best way to avoid the pitfall of LGT is to understand it…but not many people do, even among those who adhere to it…

what has happened with the phenomenon of LGT is that an entire segment of conservative adventism has veered from egw without knowing it, even while trying very hard to be faithful to the SOP…it’s an example of how intuitive understandings can be exactly wrong, and how those wrong understandings prevent correct understandings of essential adventism, as articulated in egw…

it goes without saying that opponents of LGT aren’t understanding anything correctly, either…for the most part, they’re simply avoiding the pitfall of LGT because they generally aren’t amenable to the concept that there are things we must do to be saved…they’re in their own pitfall, also without knowing it…

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Like what, Jeremy? What exactly must we do?


I do the same Sirje, so people can have a greater light one that shines from Jesus

Can you explain a little?

To me the whole theology smacks of the ideas of the Pharisees in Jesus’ day and the Second Temple Period. Essentially to avoid punishment they advocated a kind of moral perfectionism to avoid even the appearance of lawbreaking to attain favor from God. LGT seems to get close to that.


Thanks Sirje, in my lessons I tried to make the class “think a bit”. I have observed some teachers just follow the Lesson set out and the questions. I look to see if there is more behind the passage, and more to the Theme of the Week’s Lesson.

There is much to learn, but I always turn the summary to Jesus, as far as I am concerned, this is to to be conclusion to all teaching and preaching.

Also, try to my the Lesson a joy, if there is an opportunity. All the Best.



I was troubled by the lesson for a different reason. I was wondering what we should say to people who got burned up instead of purified. Like a guy that came to my small group meeting. As a child he was raised by his mother who was Adventist. Every day she would pray for him as he went to school. Every day he would get beat up and his lunch money stolen. By the time he started high school he gave up on God and went Gothic and atheist.
Who’s to blame?


James, you make such a good point. Most people who “turn their back” on God are actually rejecting how He’s represented by people in their lives - especially kids - they detect insincerity a mile away. There is nobody more self-absorbed than a strict, self-identifying Christian. Often this kind of personality is using the people around them on which to practice benevolence, while attention is on making themselves “good” enough to be saved - too much navel gazing.


While I agree with your comments, I think his mother was doing the best she could with what she had. I don’t know what she could have done to get a better outcome.

Some times I think we try too hard to explain God when we have no idea what He’s doing. After a year and a half he ended up in a much better place but it didn’t require telling him what to do, think or believe.

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Yes, I wasn’t saying that this specific mother did things wrong. My observation comes from teaching in the system, and seeing kids being turned off by misguided and misguiding Christians.


This perfectionist is based on the idea that we can keep the Laws of God perfectly. As EGW says, “Let us keep the law of the Lord perfectly”.

Paul taught the opposite, “Therefore no one will be declared righteous [perfect] in God’s sight by the works of the law *[obedience to its commands]” Rom 3:20

“A person is not justified by the works of the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ.” Gal 2:16 The works of the Law is anything that the Law tells us to do.

“For if righteousness could be gained through the law , Christ died for nothing!” Gal 2:21

“Clearly no one who relies on the law is justified before God, because ‘the righteous will live by faith.’” Gal 3:11