A Few Parallels with Last Generation Theology

OK, there is a specific theology on LGT. And there are some statements of the Bible : - - - "follow holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord - "

Does that mean : Walk slowly, speak softly, look pale, have your eyes down - -no mustard (because prepared with vinegar) - -

  • -, those are the items presented to me here in my country - -

And then there are some othrer observations : The “Holiness” people are so eager and busy finding new additional items that they miss the simple everyday issues of probity ( ! ! - - - -

We had an inspiring SS class - without the “general line” of " perfectionism" and “building character” - -

I’m not sure how veering away from EGW is an example of intuition going wrong.


So what we get down to is that basically no one knows how to interpret her…except you.



Ha! Me too. Taught a class with mostly over aged 50 members. I wouldn’t even bother with the title often. I would just see what texts were the focus for the week and then develop my own teaching plan. We read the Bible a lot, EGW a little, but mostly just the Bible. The members of my class never complained, in fact they begged me not to close the class when I finally needed to move on to something else. They adamantly insisted we study the “lesson,” but never complained that I taught the class with no reference to it. And believe me, we stayed clear of LGT whenever it cropped up in the lessons.


Exactly what I did when teaching adult sabbath school. Except I didn’t even use EGW references. We would take texts, study and try to understand them contextually, and I would formulate questions and we would discuss them and possible applications out of that. The quarterly was simply the jump off point into whatever biblical texts were there. I avoided it because it usually mangled meaning for the sake of indoctrination.

Nothing has changed, and in fact it seems to be getting worse…at least by what this article is saying.



The problem that this article addresses is encapsulated in its treatment of the parable of the 10 bridesmaids…as Robert has already pointed out.

First, except for where Jesus employs such, parables are not allegories. They are comparative stories, usually with one overarching point. The kingdom of God is like… This means that the oil in the parable doesn’t represent the Holy Spirit as EGW thought it did, and so many interpreters before her did. And, it doesn’t stand for Christian character, as she and the lesson study erroneously postulate. It was simply an image in the parable to get across the main point: Five of the bridesmaids were prepared for the long haul and seeming delay of the bridegroom’s appearing; they had enough oil. But, five weren’t. They didn’t take enough.

This is in keeping with Jesus’s main point in Mt. 25, “Always be ready, because you don’t know at what hour the son of man will appear.” The parable of the household manager before this goes hand in hand. The owner of the house came back sooner than he thought. In the parable of the bridesmaids, the groom came later than they anticipated. That’s the point. It could be sooner or it could be later than you think. Always be ready. Be ready for either scenario. Timing and being timekeepers of the kingdom is not the point…something that SDAism with its apocalyptic sign watching and predictions still doesn’t fully get. Continued faithfulness is, no matter what time it is. The parable of the talents that follows emphasizes this last point.

The fact that the quarterly makes this about the purification/perfection of character tying it even to suffering, and that LGT makes this about being sufficiently enflamed with the HS and Adventist doctrine and that Jesus won’t come until this happens, are simply gross misreadings and misapplications of this parable, how parables work, and simply how to interpret and apply the Bible well.

Frankly, it’s pathetic. It lays burdens on people that are not demanded by God, and wasn’t Jesus’s or the gospel writer’s point in the first place. They should be ashamed of how they misuse the Bible and have actually if inadvertently abused and damaged people through such distortions…and continue to do so.



Veering away from EGW is like veering from one falsehood and jumping to another. The blind is leading the blind, literally.


Gerhard, Danke schön! I too am 84. You know? We went through all of this in 2007. The same lessons, but under the title of The Refiner’s Fire. Our church leadership seems to be incapable of spelling out the truth, which is salvation by grace through faith and thus being able to clearly identify that which hints at “another gospel.” But, there are some who can . . , and do. Schalom! Angus McPhee


This quotation should help answer your question:

"It is through Christ’s righteousness alone that we are enabled to keep the law. Those who worship God in sincerity and truth, and afflict their souls before Him as in the great day of atonement, will wash their robes of character and make them white in the blood of the Lamb. Satan seeks to bind about the human mind with deception, so that men will not repent and believe, that they may have their filthy garments removed. Why will you cling to your miserable defects of character, and by so doing bar the way, that Jesus may not work in your behalf?

During the time of trouble, the position of God’s people will be similar to the position of Joshua. They will not be ignorant of the work going on in heaven in their behalf. They will realize that sin is recorded against their names, but they will also know that the sins of all who repent and lay hold of the merits of Christ will be canceled… Those who have manifested true repentance for sin, and by living faith in Christ are obedient to God’s commandments, will have their names retained in the book of life, and they will be confessed before the Father and before the holy angels. Jesus will say, “They are mine; I have purchased them with my own blood.”—The Signs of the Times, June 2, 1890


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Thanks for the special greetings and the reminding !

“keep the law” -“keep the law” - “keep te law” - -

I at least find three elements in OT / NT . and they all together I see as an obligation for me.

The NOMOS, the ENTOLH and the RHMA. ( law - mandate - talk),

Psalm 1 : 1 , 2 - - ; Psalm 15 : 1 - 5, Proverbs 1 : 1 - -10. ff ; Job 31. ,Song of Solomon 2 : 7 and 3 : 5 - - - - - - they have been a guidance, a safeguard in my life- -

      • but did I - do I always “keep” them ? Do I not need the forgiving grace this evening in my devotinal ? And especially before I partake on the Lords Supper next month ?

Not really. Perhaps you could put it into your own words? Pretend you’re explaining this to a child. That always factors things to their plainest level. Statements like “afflict your soul” doesn’t really say anything. Jeremy implied that there is a lot for us to do to be saved that we are ignoring if we don’t subscribe to the LGT mindset; and I can’t find that in the Bible.

My question came after Jeremy said that the “opponents of LGT don’t understand anything and are not amenable to the concept that there are things we must do to be saved”. The last time Jesus was asked that question, He didn’t give a list, but told Nicodemus he must be born again. If you remember, Nicodemus was baffled and wanted to know HOW? Again, no list was given. Jesus simply said he “must be born of the Spirit”. The Spirit comes like the wind, and is not controlled by Nicodemus nor us. There is nothing for us TO DO, but accept the working of God’s Spirit “in us, to will and to do.” (I think that’s from Paul somewhere). Our job is to be open to the Spirit (that’s a heart action) and the rest will take care of itself.


I afflicted my soul for most of my life. I already paid my dues many times over. I finally found the key that got me out of that jail. As MLK said, I’m free, thank God I’m free at last. LGT is the worst kind of spiritual self-torture you can put yourself through. It’s a wingnuts theology, for sure.


The last element for “holiness” here : Charcoal !! Eat it, drink it, paste it on your skin - - and receive the blessing EGW has given to us with this her councel ! What, you are not eager to follow those gifts , those steps to Heaven ??


… but who is counting…

This symbiotic dependence on EGW is not a sign of faith, but utter spiritual immaturity. (And I still believe EGW wanted men [human beings] who were thinkers, not mere reflectors … Ooops - now I am in danger as well to quote her more than speaking for myself… )


Not only is it torture, it stands against everything Jesus taught. It places our focus, continuously, on yourself. If that kind of self reflection results in anything good, it comes from he wrong place - from fear of losing salvation (as it’s understood by LGT). The only way to become less self centred is - to be less self centred - by focusing on something other than ourselves. If we think “loving God” (the first great commandment) is about measuring our every moment, to see if we’re being obedient enough - the answer is always , NO. We can’t ever be “good enough”. Jesus taught, “If you love me, love your neighbor, as much as you love yourself” - focus being the neighbor.

The worst thing Adventism has done, through the LGT, is to place our attention on ourselves every time we manage to do good.


I’d still suggest that loving god’s self, one’s neighbor’s self or one’s own self is the same thing if there is only one self.

Kinda the basic concept of “namaste”….

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You need to produce a personal dictionary so we can understand what you mean.

And, the measure of loving God is loving one another. It’s why Jesus could say that the whole law and prophets was summed up in doing to others as we would have them do to ourselves. Why John asked how can we say that we love God whom we haven’t seen if we don’t love our brother or sister who we do see. And why Paul could say that the whole law is summed up in loving our neighbors as ourselves, and that love is the fulfillment of the law.

This is anything but self centered introspective religion. It is outgoing and involved with others. It is relational. It is how God designed us. To love and care well for each other is to love God well. This is not the distorted mess of LGT and indeed EGW’s reflection of holiness movement excesses.



Jesús hizo todo ya, no hay nada q agregar