A Few Parallels with Last Generation Theology

And all those of my little SD church here having passed away - still a leadnig example for me - in all their humble beliefs and daily struggle for a truly Christian life - were they ever apt for LGTB ? - or did they struggle to the utmost as given in our Quarterly ?? Dd tey meet "excellent holiness " ??

You are not accurately characterizing what LGTers believe when you claim that they believe ā€œā€¦Jesus was completely like us in every aspect, which means that we can be completely like him and in fact equal to him, WITH NO NEED FOR HIS INTERCESSION (emphasis supplied)."

This is what they believe, which is based on ā€œThe Great Controversyā€ page 425: ā€œThose who are living upon the Earth when the intercession of Christ shall cease in the sanctuary above, are to stand in the sight of a holy God without a mediator. Their robes must be spotless, their characters must be purified from sin by the blood of sprinkling.ā€ At the close of probation Christ will no longer intercede for ANYONE. All our sins must be confessed and forsaken before probation closes.

No one can claim to be perfect. That is Godā€™s prerogative.

Beverly, iā€™ve talked to LGTers about what they believe, and theyā€™ve explained it to meā€¦they do believe that Jesus was exactly like us, and that we can be exactly like himā€¦they do believe that we can get to a place where we donā€™t need his intercession (they believe intercession occurs only when sins are committed)ā€¦

GC:425 is what all traditional adventists believeā€¦we believe that Jesusā€™ intercession in the MHP of heavenly sanctuary will cease when IJ winds up, probation ends, and the Time of Trouble begins,
Dan 12:1ā€¦

the difference between this and LGT theory is a question of timingā€¦LGTers believe we can live without Jesusā€™ intercession nowā€¦but egw teaches that living in the sight of a holy god without a mediator occurs at a unique moment in earthā€™s history, when the 144,000 will have received the Latter Rain, be sealed, and will be kept from falling, Rev 22:11ā€¦

you know, Gerhard, it seems to me that the adventists where you are are exceptionally incompetent and ineptā€¦trust me, this state of things doesnā€™t exist within adventism everywhereā€¦

You are right. Some (please take notice : SOME !) - , unfortuntely governing the Union now, , are - - -

  • but they eagerly study EGW, take her advices literally - so about the new gadget ā€œsocial meetingā€ or ā€œmedical missionā€ - the soon to be only way of evangelism - - neglecting the advices a highly competent Union secretary wrote in 2013 about the resrictions to come in this field - inbetween they are here ! - - - Or our own ā€œnationalā€ SDA hymnal (its size and the poor fonts - difficult for reading - and the weight and the layout and the binding - -

At the ā€œStefanieā€ : For quite 35 yerars I have bothered about a dangerous outside stairway - if somethin would have happened, it would have been ā€œGrobe Fahrlaessigkeitā€ (Heavy Neglegence) according tzo StGB - - the new owner immediately had it removed - -

if someone is inherently incompetent and inept, they will bring these same qualities to their reading of egw , or in fact the bible, or anything elseā€¦if something sounds nutty about the way someone interprets egw, thereā€™s always a reasonā€¦

You arer right : We - I - have to differ what EGW really has said and what earger seekers found out on quotations thaht fit their ideas - the ā€œEGW - clubā€ - - boiiing on your head - -

    • and we abundantly are confronted with those beats - - -

But Jeremy, the funny guy , preaching the Creation in his safari - look - costume of 1900 came from the US ! And what troubles did we here have with the poorly elaborated concepzt of ā€œFive - Day - Plan to Quit Smoking - " ? And what about the poor scietific background of Kniselys " Alcohol Damages the Brain Permanentlyā€ ? ( - where Loma Linda also answered my request - about the "scientific acumen available here the GC does not make use of " ? )

iā€™ve sometimes asked myself what it is about egw and religion, generally, that attracts such a consortium of nut casesā€¦my conclusion so far is that nut cases have souls to save, just like everyone else, and that whatever things look like, if theyā€™re doing the best they can, Christā€™s perfection covers their deficienciesā€¦

the other thing iā€™ve thought is that Satan uses nut case involvement in egw and religion to keep as many reasonable people away as possibleā€¦he uses every shade of what ever misrepresents the opportunities opened up to us in egw particularly, for his own purposesā€¦

we just have to keep pressing on, no matter what we see around usā€¦it will be worth it in the endā€¦

Jeremy, I have always appreciated your input, those sometimes confusing. For example, you believe what Ellen White says on perfection in the last generation, GC 425, but also believe that Christā€™s grace covers us at all times or no? I donā€™t see how you can believe both?

Believing in what EGW says about perfection and the last generation does not negate the ongoing need for the blood of Christ or His grace. If He removes His grace or blood then our past sins will not be covered and we would lose our salvation. The cessation of Jesusā€™ work as our mediator does not.cancell what He accomplished in our lives previously.

i believe Christā€™s righteousness covers us at all times, even after he finishes his intercession in heaven, which I believe is still futureā€¦i believe the Latter Rain sealing takes over from Jesusā€™ active intercession during the short time, at the end of the world, when Jesusā€™ active intercession has ceasedā€¦that is, the Latter Rain seals Jesusā€™ righteousness in us in a single installmentā€¦i donā€™t have a specific egw text that substantiates this because i donā€™t believe she discusses this particular point (or i donā€™t recall reading it)ā€¦i expect that a future prophet or prophets will fill in the blanks on this and other issues that egw doesnā€™t addressā€¦

my belief is based on a logical deduction from facts that we know:

-we are born with a sinful fallen human nature that contaminates everything we do even when we arenā€™t actively sinningā€¦

-this sinful fallen human nature contaminates everything we do even when we are praising god, and actively doing his willā€¦

-this sinful fallen human nature, in and of itself, makes us sinners until we are freed from it at Glorificationā€¦

-part of Jesusā€™ intercession is mediation for the contamination from that sinful fallen human natureā€¦

-there will come a time when Jesusā€™ intercession for humanity ceasesā€¦

-when Jesusā€™ intercession for humanity ceases, we will still have our sinful fallen human natureā€¦

-directly prior to the end of Jesusā€™ intercession for humanity, we will receive the Latter Rain and be sealed with Christā€™s righteousnessā€¦

-i believe, through logical inference, that the Latter Rain accomplishes for us, in a single installment, what Jesusā€™ ongoing intercession was accomplishingā€¦

-Rev 22:11 does declare a final state of righteousness or unrighteousness for all, both for those who are saved, and those who or lostā€¦my feeling is that this final state occurs when the Latter Rain fallsā€¦for the saved, The Latter Rain sealing covers them with the righteous of Christ until they no longer need it, which is at Glorification at the 2nd Comingā€¦

Comment deleted at the advice of Mark Twain.

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