A Lesson in Privilege

(Patrick Travis) #23

I lived in HK 7 yrs. Chinese fled Mao and went to Hong Kong after tremendous oppression! Most arrived with nothing! Over 50 yrs there were quite a few Chinese billionaires. I witnessed 3 generations of Chinese living together in 550 Sq. Ft. Apartments. They supported each other and developed wealth that way…OVER TIME!
So now they have “yellow priviledge” at Harvard that must be changed by a diversity officer. What’s wrong with this picture? Is life all luck and fate and “priviledge?” No individual effort and responsibility?

(Cfowler) #24

So true Patrick…

(Patrick Travis) #25

Now to be fair, multinational corporations have joined the game.
Somewhat amazing sanctimonious Bezos didnt want to pay taxes for his Corp. In NY and met the wrath of Occasio Cortez. :grin: But after ALL now NY can spend the money it saved! You got a dandy there Dems.:grin:


She’s great entertainment! :rofl:

(Patrick Travis) #27

This is the living difference between a business person that’s worked in their own business in The private sector and knows how to do things in business and get them done…vs.a politician, most attorneys, social workers or clergy that don’t have a clue! :kissing_heart:

(Patrick Travis) #28

Doesn’t mean they cannot be nice people. Just aren’t qualified to make economic decisions for a country.


Like the previous president.

(Patrick Travis) #30

But, he had a nice swagger, played basketball and was very, very charming. All you need…right.

(Steve Mga) #31

Paul -
Today the radio related that Occasio Cortez was hostile toward the moderate
Democrats. Was taking names and threatening to have her protester friends
protest them so maybe they wouldn’t be elected next term.
She is quite dangerous. Look what she and her friends did in New York and
the “reasons” she did what she did to block Amazon.
by the way, she has a College Degree in Economics, but still believed
the New York was giving Amazon ALL that money up front. She wanted it
for other stuff. And so got her gang of protesters to force Amazon to go

(Steve Mga) #32

There were OTHER things you did to create a Successful Atmosphere for

  1. Learned to read well, write well, use good English.
  2. You probably learned to tell time, to count money, learned a certain amount
    of Math.
  3. Thought about what you might be willing to do in the work force, and followed
    up on that willingness.
    The unsuccessful persons I know failed to accomplish all three of these things in
    their growing up years, especially after they transitioned into Teen Age.
    I eat and socialize and eat with homeless persons 3 times a week.

(Patrick Travis) #33

She also has street smarts as she was a bartender. Boston Univ. should be ashamed!

(Patrick Travis) #34

But liberal politicians by definition don’t try and suppress ideas and free speech do they Steve?


To a Hammer…everything looks like a nail.
Lets start a new thread on say…gardening…and see how long it takes Jason to make it all about race…


She personifies gov’t Ed. which has been influenced by marxist/communist ideals for decades.


Not well. He played golf much more than Trump has on average.

(EdZirkwitz) #38

Ellen White has been accused of being a racist. References include T vol 9 pp 202, 213, 214 for example. Others have come to her defence, stating that she lived in difficult times of slavery involving black people. She said, “The colored people should not urge that they be placed on an equality with white people. …everything that would stir up the race prejudice of the white people should be avoided. There is danger of closing the door so that our white laborers will not able to work in some places in the South.” P214. I do not want to presume that EGWhite had a racist vent. However, there definately are remarks made by her some see as racist and I think we need to evaluate our own consciences and determine objectively if her tones hindered or supported the gospel.

(Jere Webb) #39

Jason Hines, do you know President Trump personally? No probably not. I don’t know you either. If I were to say that you “are a racist” how would that feel? Perhaps if your life were to be placed under a magnifying glass one could find something that could be used to support a negative view if they were determined to be critical. . .

I have a very close friend who does know our President personally and this individual does not see any evidence that he is a “racist.” Oh, but you cite something from the Washington Post decades ago as your “evidence.” Really? Wouldn’t it be better to judge a person on their current behavior? Wouldn’t that be your preference? It certainly would be mine! I am not proud of everything I have done and said over the past 70 years. In fact there are sermons that I have preached decades ago that I wish were not still recorded.

The media is 90%+ against Trump and has made a case that his comments about immigration are evidence of racism. But surely you know that there is another side to that story! You can either be a “prosecuting attorney” or a “defense attorney.”

It makes me very sad for our country that so many are seemingly working for the prosecution instead of just pulling for America to succeed.

I just finished reading Clif Sim’s book, “Team of Vipers.” He worked in the WH with direct access to President Trump daily for almost 2 years. . . My sense is that he was attempting to tell the truth about our President, “warts and all.” He had both positive and negative things to say; but nothing about racism. In fact overall he found a lot to like about our President, even after leaving the White House.

I pray daily for Donald Trump to succeed, just as I did for Obama when he was in that office.

(Andreas Bochmann) #40

Two comments.

  1. It amazes me how the discussion is turning into a defence rally for a president who so obviously fails on many moral standards - each of which would have brought down or greatly endangered previous presidencies. Believe me - or don’t - but from an international perspective this is hard to fathom… Call me naive, but I thought, the article was about racism not The Donald.

  2. The term “racism” is narrowing the issue - making it an issue of colour in this case (and usually is hurled at white people by black people, it seems to me … as if it was a one-way road). When I read the article, I was reminded of the GC session in Utrecht 1995 - when a Hispanic delegate dragged his wife to the microphone - at her very apparent discomfort - to state how wonderful women are and how much he loves his wife. Almost needless to say … he strongly opposed women’s ordination…

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A political forum it is! Most of the time, because most of the time we talk about church affairs. Which means, lots of politics…

(George Tichy) #42

Geeshhh, … Trying to remove your heart?
You are not suicidal, are you? :roll_eyes: