A Lesson in Privilege

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No…hanging on to the old ticker as long as I can…and other body parts!:wink:

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This same rationale could be applied to the writings of Paul and his approach to slaves and women. Basically the approach they advocated was not to stir up social unrest that would prevent the spread of the gospel. If people are agitated about social issues, they will not hear the gospel.
The cultural context that Mrs White wrote in was closer to that of Paul than it is to ours. By looking at the cultural context in which people write be have a better chance of looking beyond the words and catching the bigger meaning.

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This is why I am basically abstaining from commenting on the details. Let’s just keep looking at what is happening to the country and wait for the verdict in 2020.

I am, though, astonished that some Christians can endorse someone whose character is so perverted.

Would they be proud if one of their children ended up following that role model? Apparently, they would.

Your comment reveals that you are thinking as an European and a true Christian.

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Hopefully George , Trump will win again in 2020! He is a qualified great president not a pastor.
But wait George, weren’t you sure he would be impeached shortly back?
Why 2020 now? Bought that fake Dem party collusion line huh?

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A lesson in wokeness perhaps?

This piece is exhibit 1 in terms of the completely unnecessary politicisation of this site. There are a myriad of ways to address racism without using a Congressional hearing as the catalyst. Really!

It’s hard not to imagine that Spectrum isn’t looking to foment the sort of worthless tribal knife throwing seen in the comments section.

If you are going to address the mine field of race, at least write a thoughtful piece that at least starts out from a more genuine place without using such an inflammatory photo. Was the author really attempting to change hearts and minds or just stir up his political adversaries?


This guy has some ideas that could bridge the racial divide in Adventism.


I agree that Paul,wrote his epistles to the seven churches in Asia Minor, conforming to the cultural values at the time : MISOGYNY, HOMOPHOBIA and SLAVERY.

However, at generous best guess, the total population of Christians in Asia Minor at the time of Paul, might have been less than half a million.
Even at a million, that is a minutia of the subsequent BILLIONS of humans born on this planet in the ensuing two millennia.

So why should remarks made to a pitiful few have to apply to a vastly huge number of more sophisticated, educated, culturally aware, subsequent believers??

Did an all knowing God, not foresee a huge problem with Paul’s emphatic enthousiastic endorsement of slavery SLAVES OBEY YOUR MASTERS, — used to justify future slave owners and slave traders?

Did an all knowing God, not foresee Paul"s misogyny as causing wife beating ( wives submit to your husbands ) and our current imbrogliio with WO .?

Did an all knowing God not foresee misery for millions of gays, due to
Paul’s transcendent homophobia?

Why were these abysmal statements not erased from Scripture when the canon of Scripture was formulated !

Or why did God allow them in the first place?

Paul has created MISERY for countless millions of slaves, abused wives, and gays!

Not a happy outcome,


No The piece is about Jasons obsession that Trump is a racist.

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That seems to be the accumulative evidence mtskeels.

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[quote=“1QOL, post:3, topic:17960”]
families staying together and working for years to help their kids.

Patrick, about forty years ago, a black editor of Harper’s Weekly shared a childhood experience that I (obviously) can’t forget. When he was four or five, one of his friends got a cowboy outfit with star and chaps and cap pistol and ten-gallon hat,etc. He asked his dad if he could have one. Too expensive.

Then one day his dad told him enthusiastically that they could afford it soon, after all. He was now studying to become an electrician’s apprentice. Soon after that his world came crashing down. His dad had taken the prerequisite test at the union hall to qualify for apprentice training, but when the monitor took the completed test he wrote in big red letters, “FAIL, caught cheating”. The editor knew his dad would never cheat and he started to cry. Naturally, the little boy was disappointed but he was crying about something much more important than a cowboy suit. His father’s face had disclosed the realization that his only failure was the color of his skin. His dad was never the same again.

The privilege and honor you spoke of aren’t always equally available, are they? What does Trump’s record suggest the new House will find when they check to see if Social Security tax was withheld but not forwarded to FICA ? The issue isn’t politics, it’s values. (I’ve been a registered Republican for seven decades, but I cringe at every demonstration of Trump’s integrity. Think Trump “University”. And the disposition of the charitable fund. And ?)

I hope you never change your mind about Trump, because that would probably mean he did something too terrible for even his followers to stomach. :astonished:

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This is why cultural context is so important. If you know the context, you can look beyond it to see the real message - we are ALL equal in Christ, even if we are not equal in a human social setting. Once we turly realize and accept the former, the later will be rectified.

Ninety-five percent (I am allowing a five percent margin for error) of the problems you speak are caused by those who read the statements literally and ignore the cultural context in which they were written. Understanding the deeper message can only be done by understanding the cultural context.

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Harry, if you haven’t noticed politics is a dirty game. I believe in assuming one is innocent till proven guilty before law. If he is guilty of a proven prosecutable offense that removes him from office. Fine. Till then he is a qualified secular president I voted for.

I would vote for him before an upright clergyman incapable to deal with the task of a president…
Kinda the rules of life like picking a neurosurgeon.

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Actually saw the great speech today.

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So the collusion charge has become…can we possibly find out anything about this guy illegal over the last 30 yrs. He made 6 billion he must have some corruption somewhere. Lets look till we find something. This is absurd overeach of governmental investigatory power.

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Well, I don’t need a “Make America Great Again” hat because I believe America is great, always has, and I hope always will be. I don’t see the whole country as going down the tubes before Trump stepped into the oval office. I miss Ronald Reagen’s sunny disposition and optimism. Trump would do well to study the successes of RR, and how he dealt with “the opposition.” I loved the way the Gipper mused, “It’s not that our liberal friends don’t know anything. It just that they know so much about stuff that just isn’t so.” He was always cracking jokes about his age, saying upon anouncing he would run for reelection in 1984 “Just to demonstrate that I’m not too old to run for reelection, I plan a vigorous campaign in all 13 states.” If Trump could just master the art of humor his poll numbers would probably go up 5 to 10 points. He demonstrated in his SOU speech that he can show a better side when really wants to. But alas, he has a 10 gallon hat ego that gets in the way.

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What is ashame is people look for an emotional performance and feelings before content!

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The sanctity of my sanity/serenity requires very measured doses of reading certain writers unsurprisingly consistent tripe. Waiting for the Esquire Hines to write about something other than the pot calling the kettle black. Sadly, although relatively rare among the non-melanin challenged, color-blindness is a real thing.
Perhaps he will do an article regarding on Chirlaine McCray next, who seems to have perfected the difficult feat of out-clintoning Hillary; despite her disadvantages.

Now there is an even self-laudable level of achievement. Perhaps he is such a crafty comparatively rich young lawyer that he can convict even Jesus of racism, prevarication, privilege, white guilt. I’d suggest it’s because Jesus was too white.

C’mon Jason, I’m having a hard time darkening the doorways of “your church”.
Time to bring the lighting up, enough obsessing about shadows.

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Hey that’s pretty good! I probably need to do the same thing. I take a vacation from Spectrum for awhile, and then I come back and read blogs like this. You said a mouthful Timo, and I couldn’t agree more.

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I don’t think God gets involved in politics these days. I reject any notion that whoever becomes POTUS is somehow in any way put there by God. That would definitely be a rigged election. It is a gross misuse of the biblical passage about God raising up Kings and taking some down. We are not a theocracy, thank God.


The fact that you are using a known anti Semite and racist, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, as an example to follow negates your argument. And if you really watched this staged event, you would know that a Rep. Meadows did not have the opportunity to call ANY witnesses to testify. And did you see that Michael Cohen’s pending book contradicts everything he testified to in Congress? My guess is not, because your hatred of the POTUS will not allow any objectivity on your behalf.