A Lesson in Privilege

(Robert Lindbeck) #71

It is so amusing observing politics in the US from the other side of the world. This is made even better by the “goggle-box” behaviour of some of the commentators. Our politicians are no saints either but I dare say they are not plastered over your nightly news to the same extent yours invade our nightly TV.

I am no fan of the President but I am realistic enough to know that each side is as bad as each other and neither is actually working for the good of the country. Rather they are working for the narrow group of influencers who are responsible for them being in office.

A long time ago, government was about governing the country. Now, politicians have two jobs. If you are in opposition, your job is to get elected. If you are in government, your job is staying elected. The common person ranks a long way down the list of stakeholders for a politician.

The extent that you favour one party or the other is directly proportional to the extent you believe that their policies will benefit you, or deliver the cultural environment you want.

(Stan Lastings) #72

No it doesn’t, unless you are an ascetic wanting to completely withdraw from society.

(Patrick Travis) #74

You make many good points. I believe in limited government…that doesn’t pay special interest and think tanks as much…so it is indeed out of favor for statism.

(Steve Mga) #75

Tom –
The O.T. says that God ALLOWS groups of people to GET the Leaders they want.
Began with King Saul with the 10 tribes.
And like with Saul, many good people have to suffer because of wrong policies,

(Cfowler) #76

Could this be speaking specifically to Israel, and doesn’t apply to every leader, country and situation?

(Patrick Travis) #77

It is difficult to see how NKoreans deserve Kim. I think in the OT God’s purposes for leadership seem focused on Israel and covenant promises and curses.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #78

I recall the Roosevelt Hoover Contest. I recall the bank holiday and the WPA. I spent one summer on a federal project, leaned to drive a stake bed ford truck. But never have I seen the venom of today’s politics. How could anyone choose between a Clinton and a Trump. But why is Spectrum in this fight? How could anyone get into a debate on the side of Franklin Graham et al.
I accepted a black Roman Catholic into my graduate program at LLU. IWith some heat. He graduated and several years later he was the invited speaker at graduation of the School of Dentistry. Years later he funded a scholarship in the ADA in the name of Tom Zwemer. Oh yes he and his wife were our house guests during Masters Week. we had two tickets that they enjoyed.

(Tom Loop) #79

My goodness you’ve been around a long time, even before Hector was a pup. That was 86 years ago, Tom. You are so right, the venom has reached beyond the pale. I should even tone down my own rhetoric. You are right, Spectrum needn’t have a dog in this fight. We pull enough hair over religion here. Hope you make it to 100. How many years away is that? My last living aunt will be 100 in July. :slight_smile:

(Tom Loop) #80

That seems true a lot, but I don’t think it is cases of authoritarianism or totalitarianism.

(George Tichy) #81

FYI, I will be 100 in August.*

*Of 2050 :rofl:

(Steve Mga) #82

George -
You NEED to take a look at Fulcrum.
On March 2 President Wilson had a Q and A at Andrews. A transcript was made.
In discussion from question regarding Discrimination by the Church he gives
answers regarding Women as Ordained pastors. Discusses the ability to allow
GLT’s to hold membership. All but stated NO.
Even though the TOSC report was inconclusive for a Unanimous Vote, President
Wilson says the Unanimous position of the SDA church is NO Ordained women
pastors. ALTHOUGH they are allowed to “preach” and do other public ministry work.
ONLY MEN have the PRIVILEGE to be Ordained in the SDA church. Of course he
verified his feelings on that when he was an unwilling participant in Australia at the
ordination of that woman pastor down there.

the REASON I post this on THIS particular Spectrum blog, is we are discussing
PRIVILEGE in the SDA church. Women and GLT’s are NOT ALLOWED FULL
membership privileges in the SDA church WORLD WIDE!!
ONLY Heterosexual MEN are!

(George Tichy) #83

Thanks Steve, but, … are you trying to ruin my week? :roll_eyes: :wink:
Reading Fulcrum7 would certainly do it… :laughing:

Honestly, I kind of had enough of this discrimination nonsense going on in the Church. Kind of losing interest. I don’t understand the “fruits of the Christian religion” in the lives of people who present that kind of “fruits.” Actually, I am asking myself why would I waste time interacting with people who are so retrograde in their moral principles?

(Steve Mga) #84

Pat –
Consider Assyria and Babylon. And how EVIL they were.
They allowed Jonah in and look what happened.
They allowed Daniel and his 3 friends into their University. Look what happened.
Same for Medo-Persia with Daniel when God performed the miracle with the lions.

Who knows what would happen if N.Korea warmed up to the United States.
Who knows what would happen if BOTH North and South Korea could
warm up to each other, allow the flow of people and long separated relatives
to visit each other.
Perhaps S. Korea will take the Gospel to N. Korea sometime in the future.

(Steve Mga) #85

George –
I was just letting our author, Jason Hines, that Privilege will CONTINUE to
be a LONG STANDING PROBLEM is the SDA church as long as we have
ALL the same persons in Silver Springs “in charge” and REFUSING to
Allow the RAMPANT Discrimination that is being FORCED upon the
Church of God to CONTINUE.
Perhaps he is NOT Concerned!


FYI… potential questions were required to be presubmitted, from which a few were filtered/prescreened before being made public. Despite a visible microphone on a stand, no questions were allowed directly from the audiemce.

(George Tichy) #87

I just posted a comment there. Rush to read it because it may not last… My “posting PRIVILEGE” may not last long… LOL

(George Tichy) #88

There is absolutely no hope of progress in this area for as long as the people “in charge” are relying on their own biases instead of on what Mental Health already knows to be different from what those people “just guess.”

Just look at that statement from Ted Wilson:

“One aspect of social justice is LGBTQ. Let us understand where they come from and then ask God to help us serve them. This (LGBTQ) is a societal trend in opposition to this book (Bible). … The solution? Go back to the Word of God! The Bible will help us find ways to relate to people who feel discriminated.”

What hope is there for those thousands of church members who have gender issues? None from the current crowd in Silver Springs, this for sure!
@elmer_cupino @cincerity

(Kim Green) #89

Well…if they would only APPLY what the Bible says to “relate to people who feel discriminated”. However, then again…this is the Discriminator deciding who to discriminate against! Quite ironic- but it is probably lost on TW and cronies (and other church members).

(George Tichy) #90

At least Luxton tried to keep the doors of communication opened. But it became obvious that she was talking to a wall…

(Cfowler) #91

Here is a link to the event: