A Lesson in Privilege

(Patrick Travis) #92

Certainly possible. Who knows? Who would have thought Manasseh would repent and God would forgive Him. One evil dude. Maybe God will send Franklin Graham. Who knows?

(Tom Loop) #93

You are about a year and a half older than me, George. The way I feel at times, I’ll be happy with just 3 score plus 10. You better run for president next year George. It may be my last election. according to AOC the world will not survive past 2030. Can you imagine what we would get if we mated her with a LGTer!

(Steve Mga) #95

Manasseh’s PRAYER is in the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer,
and it is occasionally recited at a religious service. So we remember
it and pray it even in 2019.

The Book of Common Prayer was originally put together and printed
during the time of King Henry by Coverdale and friends. Coverdale was
a friend of Tyndale. The Psalms in the Book are mostly Coverdale. The
“Bible to be read in churches” is a rework of Tyndale’s by Coverdale and
was approved by the Bishops.
I enjoy using the Book, its prayers, and its services. I enjoy singing the
Psalms, enjoy singing the “going to bed” Liturgy called Compline, although
it can be just read.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #96

Pat is right. the democrats offer no solution except socialism and no candidate with national appeal. George is right Trump is at least one cog loose and self centered to the core. He has taken the look at me to extremes. But what where are that rational alternatives. (The SDA Church finds itself in the same unhealthy state of Affairs). But our history shows only about one in five as capable to the task. Thus the separation of power was the best idea of the founding fathers.

(Steve Mga) #97

Mel – Pre-screened Questions. [Were some written by non-attendees?] No
questions asked from ANY audience that I know about when “answering
audience questions.”

(George Tichy) #98

Isn’t it funny, Steve? Questions from the audience without naming those who were asking the questions. Pre-screening is what people usually do when they are afraid of real impromptu questions. “I’ll answer questions, but only the ones I choose too.” Hmmmm… :roll_eyes:


“Donald Trump is a racist” are words that challenge a meaningful response. I do believe that extreme bias should be heard by those wishing to find a “meeting of the minds” where rational speech might bring us closer together. The culture we are all a part of allows words to be used as if a pencil with a big eraser. Listen to those leaning left or right within the confines of the SDA Church. Politics or religion have voices that seem to choose destruction of the entity unless one follows their interpretations. Anonymity brings many on social media sources to believe that words have no consequences. Knowledge seems to be winning over wisdom. When all is said and done our words and actions will have consequences. Bless this day we have been given.

(Patrick Travis) #100

All “successful” people operate from a sense of self confidence.
Trump has a good bit of " no brag just fact" in his secular history.
Statist are good in knowing at what to do with “your” money by taxes and regulation.
His platform is antithetical to theirs (and Putin :slight_smile: and thats why the views hate each other! Personalities are used to remove the core issues of hatred…I suggest.

(Patrick Travis) #101

If you havent…likely have… then read the evils Mannassah did. Yet upon repentance and duress received forgiveness.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #102

If sosucessful and so bright why not put the GPA and SAT scores out there. if so rich why not show tax history. We know his failures why not show his successes. Why are Trump name plates being removed if so popular.

(Patrick Travis) #103

You ask why not present tax form to a Gov’t committee? :grin::grin::grin:
Steve Spurrier took UF to multiple national champions. After leaving the opening came open again and it was rumored he might go back. UF atheletic director said Steve hadn’t applied. Steve replied my application is in those championship trophies at your school.
Trump says look at my hotels and golf courses etc…thats my qualification. He was audited and checked before running. Another side show.
Might I add Tom that Einstein was rather bright and might do well on certain “intelligence test.” But…he had virtually no common sense…it is said.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #104

Did Einstein boast about his brilliance? look at what each accomplished. How many wives did each have, how many bankruptcies did each have. Who was rejected for the Nobel prize._how many lawsuits did each have. Which one lusted after his daughter.

(Patrick Travis) #105

Really Tom? Tom some things Trump does as an entertainer I find funny as he mocks his skeptics logic.
I dont idolize all of Trump’s private life. I dont find him attempting a sanctimonious attitude. He does it seems have great respect for religion, especially his mom’s formative training.
If Einsten had 6 wives and 5 bankruptcies would that have changed the theory of relativity? He did have a hard time picking clothes to wear.
I am looking for the best qualified person to run a multifaceted country. …not a pious clergyman or pretentious social activist that knows nothing of economics and nothing of business ownership. You know, this country is wealthy well because it is wealthy. Food originates in grocery stores mentality.

(Patrick Travis) #106

As to Nobel prize…it has been politicised also. Seriously, Obama in office 8 mos.and receives Nobel Peace prize. Hmmm? Just at the risk of being labeled a racist…need to be said.

(Patrick Travis) #107

As to bankruptcies. Have you run a private business much less a large Corporation. Bankruptcies and battles between investors and big banks are a way of life. I am not referring to fraud but the nature of “that world” that few really wade in.
Bankruptcies don’t automatically prove anything… Fraud or lack of fiduciary responsibility.

(Thomas J Zwemer) #108

Pat we are more compatable on theology. There is were Spectrum and we should remain.


If Jason Hines says Trump is a racist, then garshdurnit, Trump is… a racist. When will you people finally realize that whenever this esteemed esquire (and seminary graduate) speaks, his words are to be taken as absolute truth? I mean, how many times must Jason browbeat us with the obvious fact that our president is a full-fledged bigot before y’all wholeheartedly see the light? Sorry, brother Hines, but I think you are going to have to publish at least one article per month on this topic until we get the point:

(George Tichy) #110

Steve @niteguy2, I told you so… My post lasted only a few hours on Fulcrum7. Any comment opposing their cultic mentality will first be attacked by ad hominem posts. Among several comments, none of them was about my post’s content but about ME! Imagine,… what a honor!.. :roll_eyes:


Two of your posts are curently readable (your 3-pointer and your reply to SoCalJody). Try sorting the 217 replies by oldest.

(George Tichy) #112

Thanks. I found it, and actually was able to respond to one of those posts. I also noticed that they deleted a couple of posts that were attaching me ad hominem pretty badly right after I posted the initial comment. So, it seems they may be practicing some fairness. Signs of progress? May be.