A Lesson in Privilege

(Patrick Travis) #113

You got it Scarlet. Unfortunately the list isnt long enough to describe Hine’s sanctimonious anger. To him, Trump is also a misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic facist as described at various times since 2016.
And, Evangelical Christians seem to be blinded to "these facts . "
Unfortunately Hines can not see how he is blinded by his own prejudices. Dont know if this political posessed man will ever have a Damascus road experience. Hope so.
George, lets see if this true comment stands!

(George Tichy) #114

Many more than two now… and holding. I wish some Spectrumites got involved… LOL
I will provide free psych treatment to those who may get mentally disturbed… :laughing:

(Steve Mga) #115

Patrick, George –
Donald Trump WAS NOT elected because he was a practicing Christian
OR any other Religion.
But Was Based on short list of what he would like to Accomplish. And he has
been able to do a few of the items on his list. Even though the FULL
FORCE of Congress and the Justice Department have been doing
all they can to prevent him from completing the rest of his list.
He REALLY is not different than other presidents since Roosevelt.

(Patrick Travis) #116

Correct Steve, I assume you mean as far as “purity” and “vices” which take many many forms with some just not quite as visible.

(Lynden Williams) #117

Racism is simple to define, not so easy to discern. But there are many on this blog that would fall into its sway. I am concerned by how much the complexion of the commenters have changed in just the few years I have observed the posts. Just look at what we have now become willing to call normal.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who was respected around the world? Someone who, when the Vice President speaking in Europe said “he brought greetings from the President” was followed by loud snickering and laughter, and then utter silence. Wouldn’t it be good to have a cabinet that was picked based on their concern for people and not by how much they owned or how much they kissed up to, or is “loyal” the current president? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who didn’t think that neo-Nazi, white supremacists and KKK members were equal to protesters who are standing up for their rights? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had a president who, if the 21 women accusers he groped, had actually come forward prior to his election, and would have put him in jail instead of the White House? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who was actually elected by the people based on his policies rather than being targeted by Russian fake news on Facebook? Regardless of whether he had anything to do with it or not. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a president who actually understood that the Israel wall is effective because the Palestinians are not trying to get into Israel instead of fleeing drug and sex traffickers and not because the wall is the reason they are not tunneling under it or over it? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the policy decisions of this administration were derived on intelligent discussions rather than news from the National Enquirer or some idiot right-wing talk show hosts? Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have cabinet department heads that wanted to fix the environment, who weren’t appointed because they wanted to destroy the EPA, help labor, instead of someone who has spent their entire political career trying to destroy labor unions, not sell our national resources to the highest bidder, instead of protecting our national treasures? Someone who actually new how to help those that are living and struggling in poverty, rather than who’s only qualification for the job was that they were brought up in the projects. Wouldn’t it be great if the president, who promised to appoint “the best people” actually appointed the best people instead of further polluting the swamp? Wouldn’t it be great to have a president who didn’t lie, especially when he seems to forget that the media has video of him saying the exact opposite? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our current president’s verbiage was such that it didn’t dramatically increase the amount of hate crimes that have exponentially increased over the past two years? Wouldn’t it be reasonable for our president to trust his FBI, CIA and Intelligence agencies, rather than trusting the leadership of countries that are historically hostile to us? How about a president who was intelligent enough to understand that when you slap tariffs on commodities from other countries, that other countries, through time, always find a way to “pay you back 10 fold”? Wouldn’t it be great to go back to a point prior to where this president re-started the cold war with the Russians, and where President Putin was not threatening to destroy us again, as he recently did? Wouldn’t it be a good thing not to spend such a huge part of our federal budget on devices simply to kill people, which is sure to now increase dramatically? Wouldn’t it be even greater to never have to hear the term “mutual destruction’ again? Wouldn’t you like to have a president who didn’t disparage war heroes like John McCain, who didn’t refer to some countries as “Shit-Hole Countries”, who used vulgar innuendos about the size of his hands and “other things” in a nationally televised debate, who disparaged the appearance of Ted Cruz’s wife and the fallen hero of a Gold Star family? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have had a president who would never have been recorded on an “Access Hollywood” tape? How great would it be to actually have a president who was smart, who would not have his attorney threaten his high schools, and colleges not to release his transcripts, or his SAT scores? How about having a president who wasn’t having an affair with, not one but two, women while his current wife was giving birth to his son? Wouldn’t it be terrific to have a president who was declaring a national emergency that dealt with the 40,000 deaths a year from opioids before worrying about spending 10’s of billions of dollars on a wall? Oh, for a president who would never put almost a million people out of work for absolutely nothing? The bill he signed is virtually identical to what he could have signed before the shutdown.
And no Patrick, I don’t care about what you think.

(Patrick Travis) #118

I am glad you were able to vent…the pressure you had cooped up could be medically dangerous. :+1:
But, Be careful that vent might cause global warming.
I believe in free speech.


Even “if” all you say here were true… still take him over Hillary anyday! (I’m old enough to remember the Clinton Chronicles) :kissing_heart:


My view is that the issue/concept of racism has been, and is, continuously changing… not static at all.
For myself, while I may define racism to my satisfaction, others formulate their own based on their personal world view. Many (most?) “racist” confrontations seem fueled by political or personal agendas inspired by the zeal of the day. And for that matter, are revealed as mislabeled. Just sharing my observation.

(George Tichy) #121


Talking of privilege, I had the privilege to have Pastor STUART TYNER as my best friend. I lament to inform that he is no longer with us. He passed away suddenly at 9pm last night. I am glad I visited him last Thursday. Today is his 73rd birthday.

He was a giant in our Church. He was a pastor at LSU Church when he retired a few years ago after suffering a stroke from which he recovered well.

He wrote the best book on GRACE that I’ve ever seen. (On Amazon.com)
He will be missed!

(Steve Mga) #122

Pat –
Many EVANGELICALS read Trump’s LIST of what he wanted to accomplish.
What is the PROBLEM for Evangelicals as well as Non-Religious persons
wanting to be BLESSED with the effects of his To Do List?
They know they will be just as blessed as the non-religious persons will, and
since then, HAVE.
More Blessings – More Giving ability. MORE EVANGELISM.

(Patrick Travis) #123

"Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. "
3 Jn.:2 NASB.
As you say it is a legitimate desire that your nation prosper and all people benefit from laws that benefit all. Equal outcomes can not be promised but laws mutually beneficial can be hoped for. These laws/list were not just for “the priviledged.” We live in an imperfect world and I continue to believe this country has prospered more people groups and “the one and the many” than any country in modern history.
As you say, neither giving for evangelism or charity can increase if a country is getting poorer.

(Johnny Carson) #124

Agreed. Interesting thing about this, however, is that allowing does NOT mean it was God’s will. People ascribe all kinds of evil to God by erroneously calling it God’s will when in fact the truth is 180 degrees away from it being God’s will.

(Patrick Travis) #125

It means the act of allowing was God’s will. Not necessarily mankinds choices.
It seems we want freedom then complain and blame God about the consequences of our choices. Does it not? How could God allow such things? It is asked where was God in the holocaust? WHERE was mankind? The spark of good in humanity was found in those that liberated them. That was His will.

(Johnny Carson) #126

I can’t argue with that at all.

My basic point was that the evil result of man’s choices, even choices that God allowed people to make, is not his will, no matter how much we want to nod our heads and assign it as such. In doing so we only succeed in misrepresenting God. I don’t think that’s something we really want to do, and we seem to do it so well (ill?).

(Sherlock1) #127

The most crazy thing about Cohen’s testimony is that it is creating a dizziness and distracting the public from the purpose of his call to Mueller’s investigation in the first place. Even after meeting with the Mueller gang and the testimony referred to in this written piece, there is NO collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign. Such a waste of taxpayer money!

(Sherlock1) #128

I fully agree! The presidential voting options were not good. I had to look at which evil is better than the other. Trump won. He is not tactful and is very impolite, but his business approach to running the country is the best since Reagan.

(Sherlock1) #129

We didn’t vote in a pastor. We voted a business man who was not a politician. It is driving the demoncrats nuts!

(Steve Mga) #130

Sherlock –
All this stuff with the Justice Dept, and NOW with Congress is JOB SECURITY
for Lots and Lots of people.

(George Tichy) #131

I am always impressed that people know already the results of an investigation before the investigation is completed. Mueller and his team are not saying that there was no collusion. What is your source?

Did you provide the info to Mueller yet?.. :roll_eyes:

(Thomas J Zwemer) #132

I will be 116 ,