A Lesson in Privilege

(Sherlock1) #133

You are too funny George!! Evidently you have not attended to the news closely (yes, that is my source). Every person called in to Mueller’s gang that has been indicted has been indicted for issues not related to any kind of collusion, for example tax fraud, money laundering, etc. If any collusion had been committed there would have been news about it by now. Two committees have also reviewed thousands of documents and hundreds of people and both committees, even one bi-partisan, have concluded that there was no collusion.
The entire collusion delusion has been in the news and functioning as a viagra for the sheeple who have a failure to apply logic and common sense. I call it this way because in our country if a crime is committed the officials look for the criminal. In Trumps case he was disliked and our democrat officials have been searching for a crime. We all know how our laws are supposed to work but the democrats have so much power and greed in their minds they twist the laws in an attempt to serve their desires.


Just to remind you, the warning of possible collusion with Russians started with red flags within our national security. Dominated by Republicans, out national security began investigations. Russia was hit with sanctions before Trump’s election. This is not a partisan issue. It’s an American issue.

(George Tichy) #135

Anyone protecting any foe over our Country is a treasonous individual. Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and others alike are Trump’s friends, but America’s enemies.

(Patrick Travis) #149

Perhaps you are unaware of the Federalist and Dem-Rep. Parties that were represented by thought of Madison & Federalist Hamilton.
I am also aware of the “privilege concept” arising from what you have expoused as a reason to do away with the foundations of our Republic.

(Allen Shepherd) #153

I had not heard this view before, having heard it was to preserve the small states from dominance by the larger ones, a view noted in your blurb toward the end of the piece.

The issue you mention is the giving of 100% of the votes to the majority winner of the vote in that state. I don’t think that was done for slavery issues, but the system has been in use for us from the beginning, and did not always favor Republicans.

You can’t go after a system just because you lost. Better to make it work as it is rather than trying to solve a problem that you don’t like because you lost.

(Patrick Travis) #156

It wasnt a slavery issue but an issue that was arrived at by observing the problems of Europe. This was an experiment in self government and it requires we have an informed electorate. Not one that thinks the central government is there to provide.

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A few quotes from a “privileged” old white guy:

Everyone is in favor of free speech. Hardly a day passes without its being extolled, but some people’s idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone else says anything back, that is an outrage.<<
The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.<<

Winston Churchill

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If we want to talk about protecting the integrity of elections and the presidential office, Reps. should make sure that their candidate isn’t trying to make business deals to build properties with foreign hostile powers while running for president. They should also question why that same person is invested financially with a Middle eastern nation to the tune of $65million, with more on tap, and then as president won’t publicly hold their leader accountable for his involvement in the murder of a journalist.

With the exception of his declaration of a fake national emergency, the party hasn’t stood up to him about anything of consequence. That includes the demonstrable lies, falsehoods, witness intimidation, attempts to obstruct justice. That doesn’t include whatever else that Muller and the Southern District of NY will uncover.

This presidency is eerily reminiscent of the Nixon debacle. The difference between today’s Republicans with the party then is that someone as prominent as George H.W. Bush stood up to Nixon, wrote him, and said that he saw no other course than for Nixon to resign, because he had lost all moral and ethical credibility and ability to govern. There was loyalty to a higher ideal than party, ideology, and power. Today’s party turns a blind eye because they claim the economy is running well. I guess money covers a multitude of sins.

BTW…I’m getting killed on my taxes compared to last year. The new tax code is the biggest culprit. Some tax relief.


(Patrick Travis) #166

You are entitled to your opinions. I dont agree with most in the political realm. I am middle class in a low tax state and my taxes went down this year.
Peoples deductions were lowered from paychecks during the year…thus less returns. High tax states…that’s a local problem for some with caps on federal so other states and citizens no longer subsidize states like NY & Calif.
Regards brother

(Cfowler) #167

Who lowered them? Doesn’t the individual make this decision? Anyway, we had about a 2300.00 swing (not in our favor) this year.

(Johnny Carson) #168

Our earnings for 2018 were less than 25% of what they were for 2017, yet the percentage of tax on our adjusted gross is far higher on the federal return than it has been in many, many years. Out of curiosity I entered the same figures into my 2016 Turbotax software and discovered that in 2016 we’d have received a $3,500 Federal refund. Under the 2018 rules we owe $500. That’s a $4000 swing. (all figures rounded to the closest 100)

(Patrick Travis) #169

I did not word that very good. I meant personal exemptions were removed but the standard deduction for citizens almost doubled. So it is a problem for those With large exemptions cost including high state taxes. I have few exemptions and no state tax income tax, sales only, so it worked in my favor as well as for most, I suggest, in lower tax brackets.
In the past many exemptions were allowed and actually this creates a dislocation of investment funds. In economic theory it would be better to have no exemptions with standard deductions pegged to COLA.That way money goes to true need and demand.

(Patrick Travis) #170

You likely live in a high tax state and/or have very large personal exemptions. Correct?
Most lower and middle-middle tax bracket citizens dont have that. I guess you sufferred from “economic privilege.” :wink:

(Johnny Carson) #171

If economic privilege means you are now low income elderly, then yes, I guess we suffer from economic privilege. :open_mouth::innocent::joy:

(Patrick Travis) #172

Well if you dont live in a high tax state and you listed fewer exemptions than standard deduction last year then your taxes this year would be lower because standard deduction almost doubled…not rocket science.

(Cfowler) #173

Thanks for the response.

We don’t live in a high tax state, although we do have state income taxes. It seems that a lot of people were blind-sided by their taxes this year!

(Patrick Travis) #174

We have about a 24K standard deduction. That helped us over last year. Most people did pay less tax this year. Now Congress needs to deal with the spending side and more tax breaks for middle and lower…good luck to cutting spending.

(George Tichy) #175


DESMOND FORD passed away at age 90, after a fruitful life of spreading the Good News, the Gospel. Certainly the most brilliant SDA Theologian ever, he leaves behind a great legacy and an example of Christian life.

It was a privilege and an honor to know him personally and to learn so many things from him throughout the years. He now entered into Eternity. RIP Des!

(Allen Shepherd) #176

I am surprised by the wealth of the commenters here!

44% of the US population does not pay income tax. That was an increase of 2% over the previous year. I believe that increase is due to the new tax law.

The largest tax burden for these people is SS.

At what point does an elderly person have to pay income tax? I figured tax on a couple who grossed $50,000. The tax would be $2374, taking the standard deduction and the extra allowed seniors, not itemizing. To pay no income tax, your gross income would have to be $26,400 filing jointly. But if this is all SS benefit, you may pay no tax all the way to $34,000 or so.

Of course, if you itemize, and it is less useful to do so, you can get a break. It the itemized items have to total more than 24,000 filing jointly to be worth it.

(Robert Lindbeck) #178

I will apologise straight up for the long winded post.

mentioned earlier in this thread how entertaining it is to watch the debate about politics in the US, particularly when you have no direct input into the system. From here it is easier to see the big picture, but much harder to get unbiased reporting. (Is there such a thing?)

From here, it is quite obvious, he Trump master plan for government is Distract, Distract, Distract. And it works. Instead of forming alternate polocies the Dems are running every where trying to block Trump. When he feels “blocked” or about to be called to account, he creates a new issue for the Dems to chase.

Not one of his policies has (or will have) a lasting positive net benefit for the country. The corporate tax cuts are not just unwarranted, but are a slap in the face of the working class. Trickle down economics, tax cuts for corporations essentially so they can pay more to workers does not work. If anything is passed on it is a token. Most corporations run the decrease straight to the bottom line in onto dividends for share holders who are mostly wealthy individuals. If the tax cut is given to low income families, it will feed the economy. Low income people have to spend, they have no choice. For wealthy people, spending is optional.

Trump, the deal maker, is so fixated on making deals he is willing to make bad deals rather than no deal. He has been suckered by Nth Korea not once but twice and if he stays in office, it will happen again. All of the “trade wars” he has started he has lost, or at the least come out worse than he went in. The current trade war with China will be costly to the US. He has demonstrated time and time again he has no clue how the economy works, or what metrics he should be watching. If a metric is positive, he did it. If it is bad, it is due to the other guy or it is irrelevant, despite being good news the week before.

The Dems are not blameless either. Some of their policies will have negative effects also. The concept of universal health insurance is good but not the way it is being advocated by the majority of Dems. Universal health insurance should be about choice - choose your own insurance, but have the safety net in place for those who can’t.

We are ALL one-eyed. We can’t help it. The only thing we can do is actually put ourselves in the other guys shoes. Nobody has ever been swayed by a debate. In a debate we look for the weak points in anothers platform. Consquently we try to tear the other guy down. Instead we should be focussing on our “plus points” and presenting them in an appealing way. That is how to win friends - appreciate the strong points from the other side.