A Lesson in Privilege

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Although much of your post is at least reasonable, this is not. Trump walked away rather than make a bad deal. Even Pelosi praised him.

We will see if a deal can be made. The previous presidents made deals, but NK did not keep their side. Trump seems to be willing to deal, but wants monitoring. The others made deals and were praised, but now Trump won’t and you say he got suckered. It is just the opposite. The others got suckered. it remains to be seen whether Trump will.

The choice of Viet Nam as the site for dealing was very shrewd. It is a communist country that had been an enemy of the US and is now booming economically with US help, an example of what NK could be. That shows some savvy.

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Trump got suckered. Kim does not care about nuclear weapons. They are a means to an end. He has given nothing but has met with Trump twice. Kim is after one thing only - respect (and face time). Trump will meet a third time and still get nothing. Kim is “dog whistling” Trump on the potential of a deal.

I don’t think the choice of Vietnam (a totalitarian gov’t) was expediency. Kim will not fly, he is afraid of being shot down, or plane sabo. So that left China or Nth Korea. Singapore would not host again - too much disruption. I was speaking with a taxi driver there last week. They hated the summit last year.

Kim will keep dangling the prospect of a deal in front of Trump, whose ego will not let him pass up the opportunity. Kim wants an invite to the White House, and Trump will invite him if he thinks he will get the deal. Frankly, I am not sure whose ego is being stroked the harder - Trump or Kim.

Yes, he did walk away but he should not have been there in the first place. The only time he should have met Kim was to sign an agreement, not to negotiate it. He is now locked in. The only smart thing he did was to push the initiative to Sth Korea.

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When Vietnam had their communist/socialistic economics they were not good producers of rice. When they allowed rice production for profit they became one of about 5 major rice producers in the world. Presently #2 behind Thailand.

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Ok, so you don’t like his style. Your privilege (oops, sorry, bad word…). But the others did as you have said, and got agreements that foundered. Trump might still lay a dud. But he was under significant pressure to come up with something, with Cohen testifying and all, and stood his ground. Note again, Pelosi had praise, not his greatest admirer.

What is the problem here? Of course Kim wants to be stroked! Trump uses both carrots and sticks. And you complain? Trump has an ego. You think Obama did not have one? Just did it a bit differently, a way you prefer. So? More than one way to skin a cat, as they say. Give him a bit of slack. Maybe something will come of it.

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My comments were removed? Were they that inflammatory? Gotten a bit tighter here I guess. I did not think they were that bad…

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Maybe some of those Spectrumites who you called “fools”* didn’t actually like some of your comments… :wink: :laughing:

*AKA Those here who disagree with you. Remember? I am still appalled that you said such a thing while preaching, from the pulpit!!! :open_mouth:

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Kim flew to the Singapore summit . . . not take a train. And even if the taxi driver in Singapore approved of having the summit in Singapore again, Kim would still have to fly.

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