A Litany of Thanksgiving

Every year at Thanksgiving dinner, before the prayer is said, it’s become a tradition in my family to go around the table and say what we have been thankful for this year. Perhaps your family has a similar custom. It seems the ritual has been around for much longer than you or me – as The Book of Common Prayer’s beautiful litany holds true as much today as it did when originally published in 1549.

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Thank you Spectrum for being here. (But I’m still mad at you for creating the Lounge.) :smile:


Wonderful words that we can put into action daily. While I am here…wishing you all a blessed Christmastime. Whatever our beliefs about this celebration, we can use this time to show the love of Jesus by caring and sharing our time, energy and material blessings with others. Rene G.


A beautiful prayer, Alisa. Perfect for the day. Thanks.


At least here on Spectrum, it is still appropriate, at times, to borrow some great literature of Spirituality from our Sunday Keeping friends.
The reader would read the words.
The congregation would answer, We Thank You, Lord.
And if used in the Prayers of the People section of service, one of the congregation would stand in the center of the church, read the words, and “The People” answer, We thank you, Lord.