A Message from the Executive Officers of the Columbia Union Conference

We know many in our union are disappointed in the vote at Annual Council to implement a new system of compliance over church entities around the world. We are too. And while we are a faithful and loyal part of God’s Church, we struggle to see His hand in this decision. Our concerns continue about the increasing centralization of authority at the General Conference and the resulting administrative overreach.

Many are asking what happens next. In two weeks, the Executive Committee of the North American Division will discuss and decide how to address this unfortunate development. In turn, the Columbia Union Executive Committee will meet mid-November to assess how we will approach this new reality.

Please be assured that this vote in no way changes the status or calling of women in ministry as pastors, elders or in any other leadership role. We greatly respect the partnership and contributions of the women serving on our unionwide ministry team.

Our union’s mission focus and values are clear and will continue to guide our decisions.

Please continue to pray for God’s guidance through these turbulent days.

Dave Weigley, President Rob Vandeman, Executive Secretary Emmanuel Asiedu, Treasurer

This statement originally appeared on Visitor Magazine, the Columbia Union Conference’s official news outlet. Image courtesy of CUC.

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Spirit-led, right-thinking, right-acting leadership.
May your number around the globe increase.


This is the Union of my upbringing. Raised in Toledo,Ohio.
If we recall events in the NAD, Columbia Union was one of the FIRST to promote
women as pastors. And the Leaders continue to advance in the belief of “the
priesthood of all believers.”
This is exhibited in their statement to ALL SDAs in Columbia Union through the
Union journal and carried to each home by friendly Postpersons.

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Thank-you for your faithfulness in what you see is God’s leading.

This message by Columbia Union Conference in “Visitor” will most likely
NOT be seen in Southern Union Conference “Southern Tidings”.

i think it would be prudent for NAD to commission a study on the financial implications of doing a brexit out of the GC…more and more it looks like we’re in a rehoboam moment, where there’s no real choice but to separate, but wise planning has to go into determining whether this is a viable course of action…at the least, i think ownership of property, in particular of loma linda and andrews, has to be determined…another thing that would need to be looked at is the percentage of members who would follow NAD out of the GC…

My understanding is that the church holds the title deeds of land on which the hospitals, schools and worship centers are built. Therefore, they have the right to charge rent for the premises. Because the church is a benevolent dictator they don’t exercise the right for fear that the tithes and offerings will plummet. Members will not tolerate a call for rent and a call for offerings. They interpret it as double dipping. They tried to impose a rent on my local church and the church next door but were met with spirited opposition.

perhaps ensuing lawsuits would need to determine what is meant by “the church”…but if GC funds are forwarded from local congregations, and yet ownership ultimately rests with the GC, obviously it’s local congregations which are the big losers in the end…


You could be right, Jeremy…however, there is the big issue with dealing with those churches in countries that may not see the GC as the “winner”. It could be very interesting litigation from place to place.

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