A Prayer at the Crossroads

Have you ever been there, at the crossroads of life? Looking both ways but not knowing which is right.

Staring into the distance, trying to see just a glimmer of light? As if at a stop light that never turns green, you're stuck at the intersection of me and He.

But the roads aren’t labeled for as far as you can see.

As you cry out for guidance with this burden on your heart it seems that you’re still standing in the dark.

You fear that this time He has left you alone to weigh for yourself the things that you do and do not know.

Although in your heart you acknowledge that it’s not him, in this moment that negative idea is the strongest of all of them.

Where do I go? Which way do I turn? Tears fill your eyes as you seek to learn.

Learn of your path and learn where it leads, surrendering to something that you can’t even see.

If the faith of a mustard seed can move the earth, how little is yours? Is it even the size of a grain of dirt?

Stepping into the dark when you can’t know what’s next is the hardest test man has been handed yet.

I want something solid, tangible, and real, at least to the standards the world sets for my feels.

Why can’t I know, why can’t I see, why does trusting have to be so hard for me?

Are there people out there that God still speaks to and if there are why can’t it be me or you?

What have I done wrong which way did I turn to prevent me from hearing the voice that I especially yearn?

Is God actually talking yet his voice is so still that I can’t seem to slow my life enough to hear his will?

I think I am asking and I think I am really there, putting all of me in front of Him, down on my knees in constant prayer.

“God please lead me, show me my path because I am terrified of incurring your wrath.”

Wait there it is, there is the crux of my spiritual life, the fear in my heart in the realization that my sense of God has fallen apart.

When I look at the past I know what He has done each time and I realize my prayers were not filled with words rather silence was all that was there as I simply set down tuning my ear.

So I now re-close my eyes and bow my throbbing head as the prayer I now pray changes exponentially.

“God I don't want to see where my path leads because I know where I go is where you will lead.

You've shown me time and time again the road I should take and though rugged terrain has gotten in the way, the scars I have gathered, the muscles that have grown, the person I am is one who now knows.

Knows of your love and knows of your plan and is willing to follow you even if it is to foreign land.

I have this trouble because somewhere along the way there was a seed planted that should have been thrown instantly away.

Satan has bombarded me with the things of this world, he has made me too busy to see the things of my past, of where I once was to where I now am.

So give me your eyes to see people as you do to look on the world with a heart of flesh gifted from you.

Here it is, the core of my plea: at this point I hand over my life for I am truly tired of this inward strife.

Wipe away my concerns and the voices in my head that compete with the words you have already said.

Make clear in my mind the path of which you would have me go. Allow me to see only the footsteps your Son has made for me to follow.

Make me the Christian I long to become and add to my faith when I seem to have none.

Forgive me for my doubt and not listening to your will.

Open my heart so that I may be wholly thine, never questioning what has been made clearly divine.

Please open and shut the doors that I need and to trust that you will never mislead. The Devil is the father of lies his deceptive devices are not thine.

You lead with clear insight showing the way so send Satan out so that I may not be lead astray.

I die to myself so that you might live and that the resurrected life I now lead is yours to give.

Give to your people, give to the world, take everything I have and use in any way you see fit, for by giving my all and surrendering my will I know that you have the ability to heal.

So touch my lips with the coals from heaven’s door and anoint my spirit that I may listen forever more.

Brittany Crawford is an alumna of Andrews University who graduated May of 2015 with degrees in Religion and General Studies with an emphasis in Social Sciences. She adores traveling and learning about new cultures and places.

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Does God ALWAYS have to tell us WHAT to do?
No matter “what path” we go, as long as it is not intended for some evil, but for good, we will “find good”.
We will find others on the same path with whom we can enjoy fellowship. We will find employment. We will find a neighborhood to select living space. We will find places to enjoy entertainment. We will find people who enjoy God. We will make friends, and have opportunities to share God, them with us, us with them.
On the other hand we will always find those in “need”. We might even run into some “undesirables” that we will speak to, they to us , and perhaps God to both.

The biggest challenge is that although both paths will bring us the list above, the 2 lists will be very different in the offerings of “good”. But we won’t know what the other list would have brought when we choose just the 1. All we can know is that God is with us, and even if the path isnt always easy, maybe sometimes strange, God is with us – our Immanuel. And that is all we really need to know. All we REALLY need to Experience.


nice poem … (this is just filler in the parentheses to make this long enough to qualify as a post)

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Nope. He just tells us what He would do. The only thing He has to do is be God, being the cause, the purpose, and the result.

Trust The BEing!


“All things work together for them that love the Lord.” God isn’t the genie in the bottle. He’s given us a brain, and we need to use it, while trusting God to get us through whatever happens as a result. That’s called “free will”.


a well written cry for assurance. God anticipated such anguish and gave us the Gospel. the answer to this cry is found in many texts. I would suggest the following as most helpful to me.try reading them in the New Living Translation.John 3: 16-21; Romans 3:21-29; Romans 4 and 5; Hebrews 11 and 12: Rev. 5: 9,10. Tom Z


Beautiful. As Paul said, “I die daily.”

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Love this! I completely relate to it.

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