A Reflection on the Notre Dame Cathedral

Is anyone saying it publicly?

Yes, but I dont want to see any US gov. money to help rebuild it.

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Patrick I am interested in your post as to why that would offend you. The Catholic Church has more money than any of us can imagine so I don’t think they need in US money anyway

I heard a report on TV of the US offering help. It would offend me because of the 1st amendment and I could imagine complaints used for moneys used to restore a burned Liberty University or any other US religious place.


Ok I see your point. See I was looking at ND more of a historic work of art rather than from your perspective. I guess in truth I agree with your take. Thanks

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Who is “anyone”? But If we are talking about the entire world…I’d be shocked if someone doesn’t. If we are talking about the SDA world…I’d also be shocked if someone hasn’t already.

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Kim you just wait. Doug Batchlor will not say it directly but you will read between lines. You think he is going to let this free shot get past him. No way!!


From a historical perspective…the US government used their military resources to locate and recover stolen artwork during WW 2.

There has also been other instances that the US has sent money/resources to other countries to preserve/guard cultural treasures.

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No…I shall not be shocked, Chuck. Anything that negatively happens to Catholics has to be a positive “Sign of the End”. :pleading_face:


Well, can you believe this?


Carol what do you take from this?

Lol re Doug B statement below. I’m no fan of him but it seems the only people talking aloud about what people may be thinking is a few people on here.

I think it would be better to respond to actual issues than getting all triggered and starting at shadows before they appear.

It’s from the Amazing Facts website.

No I know that but what will be his response once he is there is my question.

Sorry, I misread your comment…thought you said “where” did I take this from. :blush:

I would think this was in the works for a while, well before the ND fire. It says he’s going to preach “the Gospel”. The Gospel might be in there somewhere (briefly), but it will be obscured by the other stuff. I’m sure this will be just like the other evangelistic meetings that are done all the time.


Andrew…they will appear. Why? Because it always has before (hardly theoretical). It seems to be an Adventist proclivity/hobby with the poor Catholics.

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Just in time! :wink: Should be an interesting experience for the Parisians…they are very sophisticated and secular in general. I will have to check up on what AF reports (though biased of course).


Who said anything about that, Pat?? I certainly didn’t, nor was it even in my thoughts.


Would love to be a fly on the wall during these meetings!


Oh…yeah! Of course, it would be fascinating to be able to speak/understand French so that I could eavesdrop on what the audience would be saying. :wink: