A Response to Norman Young's Essay

George, you are polluting the conversation. Just try to focus on the subject matter. I will come back with additional details when I have time for it.

As I said Frank, never mind. No longer interested in it. Maybe other people want to hear about it, so do it for them if you will.

Trump would say, “No pollution, no pollution, believe me, believe me”… :wink:
Moving on.

Actually, Frank, God never said “Neither shall ye touch it.”
Eve added that on her own. Probably because she reasoned that if she did not touch it, she would not eat it.
But it actually gave Satan an opening to weaken her faith.

This is why we are told not to add, nor subtract from what “God had said.”

And the only reason God did not destroy them that day, is because elements of the atonement of the cross were activated to extend probation for the human family.

And the reason for the “wrath of God” is because there was no valid reason for disobedience, and finally, their new spirituality would culminate in their act of murdering His Son.

But as we see, Jesus took that “wrath” in our behalf and appeased the wrath of God for all who will accept the atonement and be “born again” into the original relationship God intended in the first place.

Namely, willing subjection to His authority as He is the only valid defender of our being and identity for all eternity. As a Father cares for His children.

We need to build our understanding based on ALL the relevant texts, fitting them together will guidance from the Holy Spirit. Then, based on what you believe regarding God’s character . . .

Was it the Issue of “WRATH”?
Or was it the Issue of “OBEDIENCE” to every word that
proceedeth out of the mouth of God" that was the
Salvation factor for the “Second Adam”?
I favor it was the Obedience of the Man [Human] Jesus
that brought Salvation to Adam and Eve.

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