A Risk Worth Taking: The Story of My First Sermon

Have you ever been so petrified as to be unable to move? I was when I wanted to ask my local pastor if I could preach a sermon. Not too long out of high school I had started attending a Baptist church after being invited by a friend-of-a-friend. It was there I heard the sermon about giving up our “rocks,” the various things we hold on to that prevent us from receiving God’s blessings with open hands. To help further the point, each person in attendance was given an actual rock to hold. When the pastor asked God to show us what thing we had been holding onto, the realization of how much anger I held came to mind. It was from a first girlfriend break-up sort of thing. After the sermon during the closing songs, church members were given the opportunity to give up their physical rocks by placing them on stage. Later these symbols were dumped into the nearby lake. I was not able to place my rock on the stage during that moment, but after three days of prayer and reflection, I did smash it to bits.

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What a great interactive parable, “giving up our rocks”. I vote for more of these.

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Of course, anger at anyone is ultimately anger at God for allowing the triggering events to happen. When I realized that, I asked God to take my anger away possibly justifiably resulting from an abusive home of origin, difficulties with peers in grade school and teachers in college, and abusive or unloving adult relationships. He did.

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