A Scandal of Hope

Zambian opposition candidate Hakainde Hichilema won Zambia's presidential election, defeating incumbent Edgar Lungu. According to results announced by the country’s election commission following elections held on August 12, 2021, Hichilema secured more than 2.8 million votes, while Lungu was in second place with over 1.8 million votes.

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Two of the important questions that arise from this article are:

How does the fact that I, as a Seventh Day Adventist function as the leader of Zambia? The second one would be: Are there any practices which are associated with the leader of the country that may impact my faith and conduct as a Seventh Day Adventist?
A third may be: How do I strike the balance in being fair to my political supporters ,Seventh Day Adventists and all Zambians as a whole without compromising principle or justice in any way?

These questions are not always easy to answer.

In his case, I would suggest that he spend serious time in praying to God, asking for wisdom on how to conduct the affairs of the state wisely and in a manner that God will be glorified. Not every Zambian or resident in Zambia is a Seventh Day Adventist, but each resident there expects fairness, and justice in all that will be done by this new President.
As regards the hosting of the meeting with the various Ambassadors and High Commissioners from African countries accredited to Zambia, what was the nature of the meeting ? More details would be needed before we can think of accepting or rejecting this course of action .This in turn will lead to another issue: Is it right or wrong to discuss affairs of the state on Sabbath?
The situation with the Hope Channel may be more contentious as the author has pointed out. Again the questions must be asked: What reasons did Hope Channel Zambia advance, for airing the inauguration of a President when the event was already covered by other television stations? Was this to promote his success in the election, was it to show Adventists within Zambia and around the world, that Seventh Day Adventists can occupy important positions of trust within the country and remain faithful to God.? Unless we get answers to these questions, speculation of necessity will be rife.
I think the current president must seek God’s direction in all that He does. He will certainly need this as all eyes will be upon Him, his conduct and the policies which He may implement or endorse. In no instance must he favour or appear to favour Seventh Day Adventists over other denominational groups or other people. He is an Adventist, a fact which cannot be disputed, at the same time he is the leader of a country , to whom the citizens are looking for wise, exemplary and just leadership.

As a side note, I wonder what his life was like while he was the Opposition Leader.


In respect of Hope Channel and it’s scarce resources, I anticipate that the financial position improved as a result of screening the live inauguration. Donors pay for what they want to see.

i’m not sure what these conservatives’ concerns are…were they expecting HH to conduct a bible study, because this meeting was on the sabbath…but that would have been forcing adventism onto non-adventists…is that what they wanted to see…

or maybe they want to see HH spend his entire sabbaths with the church, which again, would appear to be privileging one religion at the expense of others…

perhaps these conservatives are missing the fact that witnessing doesn’t need to look like witnessing…in fact witnessing that doesn’t look or feel like witnessing can be more effective than overt witnessing…i think this is what Sheila Jackson Lee is doing in congress, where she’s won her seat, representing Houston, in 14 consecutive congressional elections, never with less than 70% of the vote…this is an astounding record…presumably the people of Houston feel well-represented by their adventist member of congress, which is a positive outcome any way it’s looked at…

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