A Sentence

(system) #1

If woman was indeed created fully human with all the functions, abilities and inherent capacities of man including the desires, dreams and aspirations of same, and if God arbitrarily (for her own good) placed her in subjection, limiting her choices and spheres (either as punishment or more benignly for her protection) then women’s reaction to his restriction could only be submission, (using subjection as an excuse for not exercising accountable dominion) denial, (labeling her natural God-given aspirations and inner callings as evil or temptations of the devil) or rebellion (risking death rather than life without freedom); and if God then deliberately placed man over women (knowing the human propensity for abuse of power) giving man seemingly legitimate claim to domination (a state totally at odds with God’s entire system of government) then Adam was certainly correct in his assessment that God is, in fact, culpable for sin after all!

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