A Statement from the Women Clergy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

(George Tichy) #41

Laughing at victims of sexual predators
Ignoring traditional morality by behaving really disrespectfully toward women, and bragging about it
Supporting an individual who perjured himself in front of the whole Country
Blocking FBI investigation of crimes
Denying proper healthcare to people
Transferring money (trillions of dollars) from the people to a few wealthy
Breaking ties with reliable allies
Getting in suspicious activities with the Russians
Supporting enemies like Putin
Allowing increased contamination of the environment with pollutants
Interfering in investigations by the FBI and special counsels
Publicly defending people accused of crimes

WOW, I just realized that I would need a lot of time to complete this list, so I will stop here.
But it is very disturbing to know that there are people who call themselves Christians who voted, and still support, an individual like as rotten as Trump.

(Sam Geli) #42

The picture of Susan Collins with other female colleagues delivering her pro-Kavanaugh deciding vote should serve as a reminder in the SDA pro ordination gender equality cause, we cannot take anything for granted. I’ve met some SDA women who don’t favor ordination for their gender. Like Collins they are living with a mistaken idea that the status quo in unequal treatment of women is preferable. It is a sad day…

(George Tichy) #43

Yes, today is a very sad day in America. One more item on Trump’s list of destructive actions against the people of the United States.

Now let’s see what Ted Wilson has has for the women in our church, and for the Unions whose authority he wants to steal. And for the “infidels” who he wants to persecute.

(Frank Peacham) #44

Yes, liberals may laugh at this…but conservatives don’t. They see this slippery slop as sign of the end, real possibility.

(Johnny Carson) #45

Oh, I wasn’t laughing…


Sam, why must you interject partisan politics into this critical issue facing our world church? Shame on you!! Equality for ALL of our pastors should unite us all! Saving our church is not a partisan football! Are we not Adventist Christians before we are Republicans or Democrats?



The Holy Spirit’s role seems to be something the anti-camp struggles with. They seem to already have decided that their compliance ideas and committees, disciplines, and dire consequences are God’s plan. How do they know this?

Thank God for those courageously speaking out.


George, I’m a proud supporter of our President!! Agree with nothing you state, and pray for people like you! You my friend are brainwashed and apparently unable to think for yourself! You only regurgitate what you hear!

(Sam Geli) #49

Your shield of pseudo-spirituality in finding partisanship by me in my comments to be the problem is lame :unamused:
What is partisan about attempted rape?
What is partisan about perjury?
What is partisan about lying to Congress?
What is partisan about entitlement?
Paul, Daniel, Jesus, were partisans in presenting fundamental alternatives to the status quo of apathy and inaction.
Refuse the kool-aid and taste the fresh clean water of truth!y


But Sam, none of that happened! There is NO evidence to support ANYTHING you said!

(Johnny Carson) #51

Hmmmm… Interesting hierarchy of priorities. I would say that if we’re not an integrated follower of Christ with all aspects of belief and service meshing to make the whole then we’re not truly fulfilling our calling as Christians at all.

(Johnny Carson) #52

Says the man who was berating another for injecting politics :wink:

Carry on…

(Frank Peacham) #53

I agree with you and would add an additional fact that Jesus chose women to be his first witness, from the tomb to the disciples. I think that was planned.

I wished that the statement crafted by woman pastors addressed Biblical reasons why they believe that women pastors are blessed by the Spirit and possess God given talents. The same spiritual blessing and gifts are not gender driven.

(Sam Geli) #54

Then you have nothing to worry about! You and I live in polar opposites, if you are so blinded by what is happening and you prefer the status quo in the political realm we live in then enjoy your stock market bounce, tax cut, North Korea :north_korea: promises, Russian political involvement in our elections, Kavanaugh’s rage, immigrant children in cages, etc. enjoy your hiatus while it lasts!

(Steve Mga) #55

Robert –
When it comes to the Scriptures, we HAVE TO REMEMBER THIS – Scriptures were
written by MEN. So much of what we see is from the MALE vision of the family, the
community, the world.
It wasn’t until Jesus that we see the ELEVATION of women.
It wasn’t until Paul that we are told that every one in the world, in the community,
in the home, in the church ARE EQUAL.

When the CHURCH FATHERS came along and began to blame everything on EVE,
then Paul’s instruction that ALL ARE EQUAL, was lost. And Women were blamed
again for all the woes of the world, and culturally went to the bottom of the home,
family, community, CHURCH.
And so the TRADITION continues in the Seventh day Adventist church denomination.
The traditions of the world, of our Mother Church are accepted on the SDA church


Just don’t want you to think your views represent all SDAs!


Kavanah rage? Give us all a break. Is he supposed to just watch as people lie and try to destroy him? His response was completely justified! Next you’ll be telling us Dr. Ford lives a virtuous life herself!

(Johnny Carson) #58

So far I haven’t made a statement about secular politics on this thread so I’m not sure what the burden is, but okay, carry on! :wink:

(George Tichy) #59

Whatever your name is…,

Why such a personal attack on me? I didn’t say anything about you personally. I don’t even know you!

If you read carefully the list I posted, I only listed what I see happening, the deeds of your beloved President. Any intelligent person should be able to see it. I am sure you did, but for some reason it appears that you are in denial due to partisan reasons; and then you become angry at others, this time at me? I didn’t participate in the making of those things on the list!.. I am against ALL of them. Those are attacks against morality, against decency, against humanity.

Since we are talking, are you proud of how Trump mocked Dr. Ford and made his crowds to laugh at her?
Just answer,
____ YES … or … ____NO

(George Tichy) #60

The definition of such behavior is “hypocrisy!”