A Statement from the Women Clergy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

(George Tichy) #61

I can’t think of a person enjoying a single item of those that you mentioned. How can you impose such a torture on someone, wishing them to enjoy all those? You are cruel!!!.. :roll_eyes: :innocent:

(Phillip Khumalo) #62

I wish there could be a distinction between FEMINISM and the GOSPEL. From the Bible, I do not read that there is no child, no parent, no Father no Mother, but that all are EQUAL. The equality I have read, is in the purchase price paid for all. ONLY FEMINISM sees equality in the gender and not in the function / role. Is it possible to restrict the EQUALITY to SALVATION only, please!

(George Tichy) #63

Why don’t you speak just for yourself, uh?
I definitely can see already that you have absolutely no experience/knowledge about human behavior. Because your evaluation of Kav’s behavior is completely flawed and nonsensical. If you don’t see what was really going on, there is no point in talking about it with you.
@elmer_cupino @cincerity

(Phillip Khumalo) #64

What is meant by “OUR ROOTS” here, if I may ask? To me, the sisters’ representative’s response lacked the definition of our roots.

(George Tichy) #65

What is called “the feminist movement” has nothing to do with those who defend equality of gender opportunity and rights. Making no distinction between them is very unfair. Nobody is a “feminist” for advocating equality between genders. It’s so bad that people keep confusing feminism with human decency.

(Phillip Khumalo) #66

Who are “LIBERALS” and who are “CONSERVATIVES”? i thought this forum was for “Seventh-day Adventists”! These labels I do not remember the GC voting on them. They are implicitly and definitively divisive. I wish we could refrain from using them, and see our church as one, even as we serve ONE CHRIST.

(Kim Green) #67

Philip, in your opinion, what functions or roles are women incapable of doing in the real world?

(Kim Green) #68

Partially they don’t understand it (Feminism) because there is little or no knowledge of it.

(Phillip Khumalo) #69

Does this church, the Seventh-day Adventist, have a living God? Do we have men and women of prayer who should tell this church what her God says on the matter? As far as I have read my Bible, God says “He does nothing except he reveals it to His servants, the Prophets” Are there still prophets this day and age? If there are, where are they?

(Kim Green) #70

I asked a simple question…this doesn’t answer it.

(Phillip Khumalo) #71

Dear Kim,
Does my opinion count? Is this church being governed by people’s opinions? Shouldn’t the question be about What God says, or is He dead? My God is still alive!

(Kim Green) #72

Philip…please answer my question. You are going from one topic to another.

(Johnny Carson) #73

@Thulas I am not the one who said anything about liberal or conservative. Somebody else did. Maybe you should take it up with them, k? Cuz I detest the divisiveness of the distinctions. Just saying :open_mouth::innocent:

(Kim Green) #74

I will answer your questions despite you not answering mine:

(1) Does my opinion count?
Doesn’t everyone’s?

(2) Is this church being governed by people’s opinions?
Yes, I would say the GC.

(3) Shouldn’t the question be about What God says, or is He dead? My God is still alive!
I have no idea…but, yes, God is still alive.

(Phillip Khumalo) #75

Kim, I did answer your question very honestly and genuinely. I did not hop from one topic to another, instead I answered your question by another question,: “Does my opinion count?” meaning is my opinion that matters in this church or ONLY what God says in this day and age?

(Kim Green) #76

Again…my original question:

Philip, in your opinion, what functions or roles are women incapable of doing in the real world?

Pease answer or I will discontinue any attempts at conversation. You don’t “answer” by asking another question.

(Phillip Khumalo) #77

Kim, I DO NOT subject any person to MY OPINION. I live by a “Thus says the Lord.”

(Kim Green) #78

That is wonderful…you won’t find others here who will play by these silly “question games”. You look completely disingenuous. Bye!

(George Tichy) #79

The same way the GC sees males and females, right? Is this included in your proposition?

(Johnny Carson) #80

Says the man who’s been freely dispensing opinion for the last hour. How rich! :smiley: