A Statement from the Women Clergy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

(Kim Green) #81

Indeed…and strangely enough can’t/won’t see it. Oh, well…

(George Tichy) #82

That’s great. And what does He say to you on this issue? Kim’s @cincerity question was,
“Philip, in your opinion, what functions or roles are women incapable of doing in the real world?”

What response did you get on it?

(Phillip Khumalo) #83

What opinion of mine, if you may please refresh my memory which is very short, please!

(George Tichy) #84

Well, in this case, I feel that at this time the Lord is telling you… “Just answer @cincerity’s question!”… :roll_eyes:

(Kim Green) #85

His memory is short…and so is answering real questions. :joy::rofl:

(George Tichy) #86

Hey Kim, don’t give up yet! Who knows, it could be a new LGTarian tactic to infiltrate here without being noticed… Some new Paulsonian maneuver… LOL

So, here I go again with the “Tichy format” to be used when things appear “fishy” :roll_eyes: :wink: :

Are you a LGTarian? Just answer this simple question,
_____ YES … _____ NO

(Kim Green) #87

Well…from our new friend on the For My People Ministry: http://www.formypeople.org/testimonial/i-am-one-person-who-has-been-asking-the-very-question/

“I am one person who has been asking the very question answered in your dream for January 3, 2018: “Why no more messages from the Lord?” I cannot stop praising the Lord for His messages. I have learnt to seek God’s will for my life and to seek His purpose in my existence.”

Phillip Khumalo,

Newcastle, KZN, South Africa

There is an ability to address some things directly with an opinion on occasion…

(George Tichy) #88

Good investigative job… LOL
What does it all actually mean?

(Phillip Khumalo) #89

Dear George,
I have not declared myself a “Prophet”. You may mock all you want, but YOU WILL NOT GET “My opinion” on this matter simply because this isn’t about me or my family, its about God’s church. His opinion in that matter should count, not anybody’s. There are those through whom God communicates, they have Kim’s and your answer.

(Kim Green) #90

You know the old professional phrase…“It isn’t my job to interpret it.” rofl

Obviously, I could spend my precious time digging more…but why bother? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Phillip Khumalo) #91

I am a Seventh-day Adventist Church member, in good and regular standing. Look at my profile.

(Harry Allen) #92

Wow, Seventh-day Adventist Women Clergy:

"Not About Us, Without Us" may be the hook of the year. Motown-worthy!!


(Phillip Khumalo) #93

Thank you, Johnny, no offence:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

(George Tichy) #94

So what now, are you going to reveal “His opinion” or not?

And what about my other question, on being a LGTarian???

(George Tichy) #95

Well, I am too!
But this was not my question.
Are you familiar with the LGT heresy?

____ YES … ____ NO
(Please don’t try to explain anything, just answer the question with an Y/N. Thanks)

(Phillip Khumalo) #96

You asked: “Am I going to give…” I wrote: “I AM NOT DECLARING MYSELF A PROPHET, …THERE ARE THOSE THROUGH WHOM GOD COMMUNICATES.” Find your answer here: http://www.formypeople.org/current-event/womens-ordination-in-norway/

I have noticed that you have a difficulty in reading short answers yet you demand one. I AM NOT GOING TO yield to your OFFENSIVE questions. Bye!


We see that regularly and when this is pointed out the obfuscation and pride of opinion rants begin.


Think carefully about this…Answering a question by definition, is…well answering a question.

It is dishonest misdirection, obfuscation or asking additional questions under the thin guise of irrelevant issues or defensiveness to mask you pride and disdain of the questioner.

You say you live by the Bible alone but this again while I expect true is meaningless and does nothing to help your brothers and sisters understand what you are saying.

Instead of conveying your true thoughts, that being you have realized what you said cannot be supported by the Bible you double down. With the true nature and hypocrisy of your statements revealed you hide behind a shield of pride i.e. waving the Bible in front of you to ward off the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

You needn’t fear or be dismayed if you learn of something that doesn’t match you existing understanding or cultural world view. The purpose of the forum is to learn from one another and challenge ourselves and our beliefs to rise to greater heights of understanding and clarity. As another commentator put it we sharpen each other. Their is no greater joy or humbling than realizing that a cherished belief I have held cannot stand-up to honest dialog and principle.

(Dan Springer) #99

interesting distinction! well put!


My appologies! This was meant for Sam and George.