A Summary of the Memorial Service of Dr. Desmond Ford

Thank you for asking for clarification.
It is all about definitions. I am refering to “theological progressives.” Both inside and outside of adventism there is a “progressive/liberal view” that criticizes penal substitutionary atonement. Theologically, JBF “alone” can not exist without it. Alternatives are created that might say Salvation by Grace or love and forgiveness through God’s example in Christ but the meat of substitutionary atonement is removed or ignored.
Definitely in SDA perfectionist conservative wing ( Andreason, Douglass, Wilson) ignores the “alone.”
But, I would suggest to you that Graham Maxwell’s later teachings on the “progeessive side” with a “neo- moral , great controversy influence” did also. I suggest Sigve Tonstad does also. This is not meant to be pejorative, it simply is what it is. Follow who one chooses.

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They avoided openly discussing about Desmond Ford and his teachings when he was alive, they are now defaming him now that he’s dead.

Clifford Goldstein’s resent devotional message titled “Dangers From Within” at the SDA church headquarters in Silver Springs. Clifford’s criticism of Desmond Ford begins @ 27:30



Those who really want to know who Ford was and what he believed should read HIS books and articles, and watch HIS videos. And not materials provided by his detractors.

The fact that his detractors appear to be more belligerent now that he died is certainly evidence of an effort to bury his correct denouncement of the Adventist’s false interpretation that leads to 1844 as being of any significance.

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