A Touch of Grace for Troubled Souls

I grew up surrounded by hymns. We sang at church and Sabbath School, at family worship and school devotionals, at prayer meetings, MV gatherings, vespers, and summer camp. Then we sang more at junior choir practice. 

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Thanks so much for this! I’ll post again, as I did a couple weeks ago in a different discussion, Little Richard’s recording of “#4, The Captain Calls” (which my sixth-grad class enjoyed with Jackie Case at the piano):


In our Junior Sabbath School Class in Sacramento, “The Captain Calls for You” was always the test for new piano players, usually ladies - will she be able to play the intro or not? In those days, when more people took music lessons it wasn’t so hard to find competent pianists. Now, not so much. I remember and love those hymns, and find that they are traditional for many other non-liturgical protestant faith groups. Some lyrics, such as “Now I raise my Ebenezer, hither by thy strength I’ve come” are still a mystery. Oh well…

“Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” was my personal favorite, even though the lyrics were so old school and probably even less discernible today. Thanks Tom, for a beautiful, reflective piece.

If one doffs his mail and dallies in the dale, it could lead to something marital.

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