A Tribute to Maestro Blomstedt—Monday Meditation

On July 11, Herbert Blomstedt, world-famous conductor and Adventist Church member, turned 95. In celebration of his career, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra released a mini-documentary about him. According to the description:

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My wife and I subscribe to the Berlin Philharmonic and Medici TV and have access to their musical vaults. Like Zoom, I have control how to spend our sabbaths by listening to concerts when sermons become boring. My favorite of course is watching Herbert Blomstedt conduct Beethoven and/or Bach. I get more spiritual inspiration from his performances than listening to stale subjects such as LGT or the 1844 Investigative Judgement.


There is an interesting series of concerts by the NHK Symphony Orchestra on NHK World, a down-loadable Japanese TV station (through Roko.) Herbert Blomstadt, an honorary conductor laureate of the orchestra, conducts one concert in this series.


He is my favorite Conductor. He has something in his style that is profoundly humane. I used to play Cello, and even got some education in conducting when I was young, but that was of course many moons ago. However, I can appreciate his conducting very much - it’s delightful.
I also liked his presentation to the Faith & Reason SS at Sligo, on zoom, not long ago. It’s sad that he had that fall just at the time of his 95th.


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