A True Renaissance Man: Remembering the Life of Robert M. Zamora

Editor’s Note: Robert M. Zamora passed away earlier this year, on June 11, 2018. A short biography, provided by his daughter Xandra Y. Zamora, and excerpts from the eulogy given by his friend and colleague James J. Londis, both follow below.

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Pastor Zamora was my teacher at Newbold College and became a signficant mentor to me. I loved his classes at Newbold. He was also instrumental in guiding and supporting The Gate, a Christian folk club that we established in Bracknell, and that subsequently spread to London, Coventry, Bradford, and Wales. He asked me to keep in touch and when he discovered I intended to go to graduate school in theology and philosophy of religion, he told me to inform him when I was ready to teach. When I finished my studies and exams at Claremont Graduate School I contacted him, and at that time he was the chair of the Religion Department at Columbia Union College. He said, “I need you out here yesterday.” I flew out, got the job, and spent 28 wonderful years teaching at CUC. Incidentally, I passed him in the airport in DC as I was arriving; he was on his way to Mountain View to interview for the job. He got that one, so we never actually got to work together. But he was a tremendous influence on me spiritually and professionally. What a blessing.


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