A Visit to the Cedar Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church

The Seventh-day Adventist Church’s roots within the community of Cedar Lake, Michigan, run deep.

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Thank you for a positive article that lacks the negative, pessimistic vibe I often sense towards mainline Adventist churches. This article was well written and a joy to read. Google recommended it which was also cool.


From my perspective located in the Lake Union and Michigan Conferences, I admire and enjoy your writing. You have a fresh and unique approach while supporting the church and it’s mission.


Thank you for this lovely review. I like perusing websites of our schools and appreciate in particular the Christian joy that exudes from Great Lakes Adventist Academy’s website. I can tell right away that this is an excellent school. I admire the leadership and sacrificial commitment of the church on campus. I am making a small donation online. I have never regretted donating money for Adventist Christian education.


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