A Year of Grace

When we think of grace, at the forefront of our minds is God’s grace of forgiving us and extending salvation (Amen!). Or we may think of the grace we (ought to) give to others. For if God forgives our debts, we should forgive our debtors (Matthew 6:12; Matthew 18:21–35). But we often forget about extending grace to ourselves. Am I gracious to myself? Are you gracious to yourself?

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Thanks for the remi dear to be kinder and more forgiving to ourselves. The idea of themes instead of resolutions is a great one as it opens the door for us to be kinder to ourselves, at the same time as achieving little victories along the way.

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Thank-you. Nicely said.

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I found this today. If you have you tube connected to your TV (and possibly a sound bar or system hooked up, even better), this is really incredible. If you like drums and bagpipes too, well you are in luck. Believer, non believer, whoever, for all to enjoy.

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