About the Meta category

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It’s been found that healthy online communities are communities that talk about themselves. If you haven’t seen our recent announcement about the future of Spectrum Conversation, please read this first. When you sign up, what you’ll find at first will be a collection of questions under the category ‘Meta’.

The purpose of these prompts are to encourage discussion about ourselves, and what we would like this community to be. We ask things like ‘should comments on articles be closed after a period of time?’, ‘should commenters be able to create their own topics?’, ‘how can we encourage each other to be civil?’, ‘what are your thoughts on the Spectrum commenting community guidelines?’. The Spectrum team will be listening and participating in these discussions, but we really want to hear what you have to say.

In this way, we’re hoping you can take part in creating the kind of online space that everyone can enjoy. The work of creating community is not done in isolation, and it’s not done overnight. The Spectrum blog is one of the only spaces in the Adventist diaspora that has consistently tried to bring together all voices. This work provides its own challenges, but is invaluable and, in the end, deeply rewarding. We’re asking you to help us continue this work.