Acts 6 and Affirmative Action

With the United States Supreme Court just recently hearing arguments regarding college affirmative action rules, I was reminded of a sermon I recently preached. As a church, we are studying through the book of Acts to see how the early church functioned in comparison to us today. While the early Christians most certainly did not get everything right, I would argue their reliance on the Holy Spirit and their outward action toward believers and non-believers are two things they did get right, especially early on.

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this is an excellent, interesting observation…

Just curious if the background for this plea for affirmative action might be related to the outcome of the votes regarding diversity in the Oregon Conference and the North Pacific Union Conference

The motion failed, with 54% of delegates voting against the diversity language

The vote was held with the electronic devices used throughout the day, and the final tally was 63% in favor of adopting the language, 37% against. As constitutional changes require a two-thirds majority, the motion failed; with 217 votes registered, it fell short by eight votes.

This article serves as a nudge to follow in a practical and tangible way the example of the biblical model found in the book of Acts. I am my brother and sister’s keeper. Affirmation is an action; it does not need a political discussion. I hear the following in this article: In my small community, I must assure fairness and kindness, and equal opportunity for all.

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