ADCOM Action Renders Annual Council 2018 Irrelevant

On September 18, the General Conference Administrative Committee (ADCOM) did the totally unexpected. As one person said, “the GC has triggered the ‘nuclear option’ by ‘activating’ two [of the five] recently created compliance review committees without any input from the Annual Council.”

That, to put it mildly, is the most highhanded tactic yet utilized by the General Conference’s central administration. It makes the General Conference Executive Committee (GCC) — the committee that is convened at an annual council — the first victim of the hierarchical environment that the GC leadership is seeking to establish in the denomination, since two of the compliance committees have been activated before the enforcement structures proposed on July 17 have even been voted. Thus Annual Council 2018 has been rendered irrelevant if the September 18 action of ADCOM is not successfully challenged.

But there is even more at stake than just the relevance of the GCC. If the recent actions of ADCOM are not challenged, no one will be exempt from possible investigative and punitive action. Beyond that, a toxic environment will be created in the church by these new compliance review committees that the GC administration has suggested should be emulated throughout the church organization. What is emerging through these latest actions of ADCOM is the creation of an Adventist FBI and a sticky wicket thicket — the very topic of [an article to be released tomorrow, September 21](

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George R. Knight has served the church as a university professor, pastor, school administrator, and an elementary and secondary teacher. His last assignment was Andrews University where he taught for 30 years. Knight is an avid student of both the Bible and Adventist history. He has written over 45 books and edited another 40. In addition to Bible commentaries, including the one for the Sabbath School lessons on Galatians and Romans, he has written on the historical development of Adventist organizational structure and the need for reform within the denomination. His most recent books include Adventist Authority Wars, Ordination, and the Roman Catholic Temptation (August 2017) and End-Time Events and The Last Generation: The Explosive 1950s (April 2018).

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we should not be surprised. Following Wilson’s previous high-handed moves could have been seen in which direction he was moving: Total Dictatorship. If this is the direction the sheep want to follow–simply follow over the cliff like sheep. But if you believe that Christians should follow the Gentle Shepherd who never forced but showed the way, you do have a choice to follow your God-given conscience. Did God not give us freedom of choice with the first parents in Eden?


Thank you George Knight! I hope those who doubted when you said it was a “power grab” are waking up. Thank you for being a voice of history and reason. Looking forward to your article tomorrow. May God bless you extra good for standing up!


These were my thoughts exactly when I read the news yesterday. If Wilson is not stopped, many will walk away from the church and he will call it the moving of the Holy Spirit.


No one who heard Ted Wilson’s inaugural sermon in Atlanta in July 2010 will be surprised.

No one who has followed the independent Adventist press reports will be surprised.

No one who understands TW’s view of himself as a person of destiny for ushering in the End of the World will be surprised.

The most surprising change since 2010 is the rapid spread of anti-Trinitarianism and devastating view of Christ as the foundation for the other rapidly spreading Headship Heresy.

If we need a compliance committee established through proper channels and voted, let’s begin with a Trinity Compliance Committee.


Annual Council as envisioned by the administration sounds like a costume party, in contrast to the current reality. It is reminiscent of distracting a toddler with a toy while they are receiving an injection. ADCOM has already accomplished the actual business as they see fit.


How are we ever going to get SDA Sunday keeping in Samoa and Tonga on the agenda?


There is no respectful way I can think of to comment on this.


No one should be surprised by this action, regardless of where they fall on the issue, personally. It was more than a little predictable. Those who support the actions will be crowing with joy, those who do not will be shaking their heads in dismay, hoping that their representatives to AC 2018 will have the ability to coordinate their ideas in order to successfully combat it.

Either way, the cause of God is larger than a denomination or a group of men who are apparently serving their own questionable purposes. God will always win out, with our without the church. It is equivalent to idolatry if we place the church or it’s administration on such a high level that we allow it to impact our walk with him or our ministry to others.


This would be inspired leadership to move forward in this way. I’m deeply puzzled and troubled that another path has been chosen.

A way forward would be refreshing. Reconciliation. Facilitation for ALL members of both genders to use their gifts for the Gospel.


The true character of the GC revealed in its actions



I know that we here who enjoy Spectrum post.
But we are as they say, “Talking to the Choir.”
Probably 99.9% of the baptized church members have no idea of what has been
happening, and what is happening by the few delegates of the world church that
have been meeting in Silver Springs over the past few months, and how all these
resolutions voted are going to affect their local pastors, going to affect what SDA
students are going to be ALLOWED TO LEARN, to be INTRODUCED TO at their
favorite SDA college from now on, conversations in the classrooms that will be
DENIED being presented, and that the ASPIRATIONS of ALL Baptized members
will NOT BE ALLOWED based on XY or XX Chromosomes that God desired they
The ability of UNIONS to determine HOW they will spread the Gospel will be
curtailed because they will not be able to send out the desired humans to do
so. If they do, fire and brimstone from Silver Springs will rain upon the leaders
with such power as we have never experienced in the SDA Church Denomination.


I saw the live church service from LaSierra on Sabbath and the conversation
of the 2 men I have met and admire give their recollections on how the
Doctrines were voted on in 1980.
Then a recent GC had the delegates to CHANGE the Creation Doctrine to a
MORE SPECIFIC interpretation that the planet earth has been here ONLY
6000 years, along with other changes in wording which is NOT Biblical.
If any professors in our Universities teach something that is More BROAD,
they will receive censor and could be replaced by professors who will TEACH
Our Universities, Colleges, Academies now live in PERALOUS TIMES!!!


I think that is true about so many things in the church.

Good to see you back, Steve. :slightly_smiling_face:


oh my…first the GC is the papacy, then it’s the beast of Rev 13, and now it’s the FBI…do some of us have TW derangement syndrome or what…i think we’re forgetting that TW’s tenure ends in less than 2 yrs…how bad can our lives possibly get between now and then…

each of these compliance review committees are charged with managing appeals from a so-called non-compliant entity, with no endpoint timeline specified…obviously these appeals are not going to be processed overnight…likely they’ll drag on past 2020, when i think chances are good the compliance review committees will no longer exist…

but even if the compliance review committees managed to somehow hang on, what can they possibly accomplish that wasn’t possible to accomplish before they existed…it’s the same people pushing for the same things under a new cover, nothing more…and let’s not forget that there is such a thing as lawsuits…the GC can’t run roughshod over the rest of the church…divisions and unions and conferences and local churches have rights…they can take the GC to court if they’re threatened…why are we forgetting this fact…

my feeling is that the compliance review committees are intended to convey the impression that the GC is busy, and in charge, and that’s it…but i predict they’ll end up being a gigantic nothing burger in a few yrs…under a new GC president, who could materialize in less than two yrs, the compliance review committees will likely go “poof”, and we’ll forget they ever existed…

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It is a great day in Augusta, Ga. The sun is out. A humming Bird is at the feeder. Then I read this post. ugh. but frankly while it has been a long time coming. the seed of this fruit was planted over a century ago. The Investigative Judgment created a peculiar people. It was fully documented by F. F. Nichols in the 28 Fundamental Beliefs. A doctrinal ascension robe. Now the church has the full fruit, get with it or get out. The purge mentality is viral it lay dorminate until it burst forth in the Wilson genes. Let us not dispair , the Everlasting Covenant has become the Everlasting Gospel. At a time like this read Ps 22, 23, 24 and Phil 2: 5-11 then Heb 11. Then sing There is a wideness in God’s Mercy like the wideness of the sea. Amen.


Hence I am glad all churches within the Berlin-Central-German Conference were sent the recent statement voted by administrators and pastors on current developments. An example to be followed!

Official English translation you can find here:



You make very good points here, but I think that chance that TW will not be reelected in 2 years is very small. I also think the the alarm is justified because I am convinced that his end game is the force a split over one the surface Womens Ordination but is really about authority.

I have puzzled about why he has not gone to the nuclear option sooner, but I am speculating that he wants to be able to say that he gave the “rebellious” conferences every possible chance to reform, (like Christ did with Judas) before forcing the split.

It may also be that in wanting the split to occur he needs to build consensus to get it through the GC in session (far from a sure thing right now, I think) and to make sure the financial ducks are in order for losing some of the biggest sources of giving.


steve, just because TW is likely to be re-elected doesn’t mean he’ll accept that re-election…don’t forget that retiring when there is the option for re-election is an admirable exit strategy…i saw TW up close in atlanta not all that long ago, and somehow the conversation we were in turned to all the traveling he was doing as president…i saw a certain weariness in his eyes when he described a little of his schedule…i believe TW is a man of extraordinary principle, and that he will never put his own convenience before duty…but i also think that he will need a real sign from god that he is meant to continue…i do think his intention is to retire in 2020…

i think it’s on this point that we differ…i don’t believe TW is an authoritarian figure for authority’s sake…what he is doing stems from a strong conviction that adventism is today what israel was anciently: we are the vehicle through which god is working in an exceptional way, and today is our day of opportunity…my sense is that he believes in the GC and the authority of a world-wide vote…i’ve heard him say that because we don’t have a urim and thummim, or a prophet, a GC vote is the best that we have, and that every delegate’s vote must be respected…i fully believe him when he says that he would have respected and pushed for compliance had the vote in san antonio gone the other way…

i’ve also heard him explicitly rule out the nuclear option, which is why i don’t believe the compliance review committees are about forcing a split, or finding a way to take over non-compliant entities like unions…as i review the past few yrs, i do think TW has done everything possible to avoid a split while upholding a GC vote…i think the compliance review committees are designed to continue this effort…i don’t believe, at all, that TW sees himself to be an agent that precipitates a literal shaking in our church…i think a split is the last thing he wants to see happen on his watch…

Remember that after that speech I predicted (prophesied… :wink: ) that TW would either, 1) Not finish his mandate(s), or, 2) Divide the Church. It’s all in those days’ writings at Spectrum. I remember how some people accused me of being a false prophet.

Well, I am sure they are scratching their heads now seeing that #2 may actually be happening very soon.
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