ADRA President: "Faith Communities Can Change the Dialogue from Hate and Ignorance to Peace, Love, and Acceptance"

SILVER SPRING, MD – During a recent summit held in Geneva, Switzerland, Jonathan Duffy, president for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) joined hundreds of interfaith world leaders to discuss fostering inclusivity and countering hate speech to enhance the protection of religious minorities, refugees, and migrants.

Duffy served on a panel of esteemed lawyers and executive directors, organized by the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty. He shared what the global trends in migration are and highlighted what drives migration.

In his opening statement, Duffy highlighted four “C’s” that drive migration: concentration, corruption, conflict, and climate change.

“The concentration I speak of is a concentration of jobs, wealth, and knowledge, both individually and geographically,” Duffy says. “Knowledge and economy with its associated emphasis with technology is concentrating wealth and power, and with it, jobs. This is leading toward a migration to the cities.”

Duffy highlighted the second “C”, which was corruption. “It’s arguably the biggest drag on economic development,” he adds. He quoted from former World Bank president, Jim Young Kim, who likened corruption to that of a dollar put into the pocket of a corrupt official or business person that is a dollar stolen from those who need it most.

Conflict was another “C” that Duffy addressed was a driving factor of migration. He spoke about ongoing war-torn countries like Syria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Myanmar and Afghanistan, and envisioned a world where conflicts like in those countries were reduced.

“We can hope and pray that all these conflicts are resolved and at least managed,” says Duffy. “But who would be optimistic to imagine that would happen? Indeed, as the world is turning increasingly to authoritarian leaders, we rely on existential threats to justify their oppression; conflicts appear more likely than not.”

Duffy shared the final “C”, which he said was climate change. He referenced how current temperatures are more extreme, and that essential resources for land and fresh water are becoming more scare.

“Some low-lying coastal areas like Bangladesh are densely populated. Inevitably, this will result in migration that is likely to exhilarate in pace and scale,” Duffy says. “I recognize what I’ve painted is a very bleak picture, but I do not see a reduction in these migration trends in the foreseeable future.”

Brazil, according to Duffy who shared reports on current government infrastructures, withdrew from the UN compact agreement this year, which encourages businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies. Duffy added that Thailand has had an anti-immigrant “crack down amid fear of immigrants stealing their jobs.” Additionally, in Africa, Duffy highlighted that there is a high anti-immigrant feeling already spreading in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

“South Africa has been rocked by violent attacks on immigrants who they claim is taking their jobs,” says Duffy.

Amidst the dismal information, Duffy voiced why we as a people should not see immigrants as our enemies. “Many have made valuable contributions to our society,” he says. “Google was started by a Russian immigrant; the genius behind Apple, Steve Jobs, was the son of a Syrian immigrant, and they are not the exception.”

Duffy shared one last “C” that needed to be added and was most important: compassion.

“Who is speaking up for justice for all?” asks Duffy. “Who is having compassion for the less privileged and the marginalized? If not us, then who? If we use our combined voice it is a force that cannot be ignored. We also have a role to play in our own faith communities, to change the dialogue of hate and ignorance to peace, love, and acceptance.”

ADRA will be highlighting services around its networks to honor Refugee Sabbath, officially designated by the Adventist Church for June 15. The United Nations also sanctioned June 20 as World Refugee Day honoring families who are forced to leave their homes at no fault of their own.

Learn more about how ADRA is working to help refugees at


The Adventist Development and Relief Agency is the humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Its work empowers communities and changes lives around the globe by providing sustainable community development and disaster relief. For more information, visit

This article was written by Kimi-Roux James and originally appeared on the ADRA website.

Image courtesy of ADRA website and the International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty (AIDLR)

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It seems to me that ADRA which accepts government money for projects should drop the name Adventist. Keep up your work as you see fit but dont politicise the church with your views or accept government money for church work.
Choose your path. Remember that word “separation” SDA’s love?
PS. ADRA did a good work in Bangladesh when I was there in 1987. It was less politicised then for a political agenda as presented in this article.


When Donald Trump launched his public attack against Seventh-day Adventists, no white evangelical leaders came to our aid. The attack worked and Ben Carson was forced to drop out of the race. Only the liberal media tried to defend us. Since then, Trump has attacked Jews with his rhetoric and tweets, resulting in a massive increase in atrocities against Jews. He has attacked Muslims, resulting in the Muslim travel ban and their feelings of isolation from ordinary society. He has attacked immigrants, resulting in the separation of families at the border and the incarceration of children in cages. He has attacked black people, resulting in Chief Justice John Roberts looking pretty silly for thinking that racism, given Barack Obama’s election as president, no longer exists in America. Trump, as a servant of Satan he most obviously is, has written the playbook that shows how prophecy will be fulfilled when Seventh-day Adventists are persecuted once again.

White evangelical leaders will not come to our aid. Certain Seventh-day Adventists will be on the other side, glorifying our attackers as they now glorify Trump, as some even go to the extreme lengths of writing essays glorifying Russia, as Vladimir Putin continues to persecute Christians. The American people, who have been desensitized to Trump’s immorality, who have learned to live with and accept his chronic animosity expressed against Jews, Muslims, immigrants, and black people, will not be disturbed, will not be moved, by a future persecution against Seventh-day Adventists. As the American people in the future behold our attackers, as they now behold Trump, they will not be able to discern that they are looking into the face of Satan himself.

Most important, we Seventh-day Adventists will not be able to speak up for ourselves. We were not able to speak up for ourselves when Trump attacked us, because the attack was too swift and well-executed. All we can do is speak up for others before we ourselves become the object of persecution, in the hope that we can sensitize those who have been desensitized, soften hardened hearts, and bring lost souls to the Kingdom. I applaud ADRA for doing precisely this.


Unbelievable characterization! And, some say there is not a Trump derangement syndrome? :slight_smile:

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It will not be because of lack of knowledge of the biblical prophecies, lack of knowledge of certain factoids such as the one that holds that the Lord will not the touch the Earth when He comes, failure to persist as one is tortured, disagreement with certain doctrines, or a tripping and stumbling about that will cause many Seventh-day Adventists to be lost. It will be their adoration and love for Satan. They will attend his rallies, swoon to his rhetoric, find sophisticated and clever his serial lying, be thrilled by his brutality toward others, and most important, be drawn by a connection, affinity, and certain unexpressed sense that he speaks for them. We know this to be true, as many Seventh-day Adventists today adore and love Donald Trump.

We have not sufficiently taught this truth in the Seventh-day Adventist Church: It is and will be remarkably easy for many Seventh-day Adventists to adore and love Satan. We would rather think, and therefore we now teach, that various Seventh-day Adventists will be lost in the same manner as one slips on a banana peel and falls to the ground. We imagine that they will be tricked and seduced by a Satan who pretends to be good and holy. In reality, Satan will follow the playbook he has written for Trump and simply be himself. Why would he have to pretend to be good and holy? Trump has not found it necessary to do so and he is president of the United States and the model for all other authoritarian dictators who have arisen in other countries throughout the world.

Those who adore and love Satan in the closing days of Earth’s history will think that the rest of us are deranged. And they will be too far gone, irredeemable. Try talking sense to a supporter of Trump. Try to convert a supporter of Trump. It is impossible. The concretized allegiance he enjoys from many Seventh-day Adventists and the large swath of white evangelicals in general can be and will be easily replicated by Satan. But we must continue to engage and dialogue, and I applaud ADRA for doing so.



Trump has not found it necessary to do so and he is president of the United States and the model for all other authoritarian dictators who have arisen in other countries throughout the world.<<

What I have discovered or noticed over the last 2-3 yrs. is that those doing most of the accusing are actually being discovered guilty! Perhaps there is a personal message in that? The accuser of the brethren is their model?
I know when individuals become “god’s” historically they were in sympathy with and depended on a strong state. Seldom if at all was one seeking “limited government” in daily affairs. Look there for your church state “gods.” The gods of the globalism narrative are fighting with everything they have! Donald has become a fly in their ointment, dreams and narrative.

Did Jonathon Duffy President of ADRA, while pontificating in Geneva about


bother to check in with his boss, Ted Wilson, in Silver Spring ??

Because at the same moment Duffy was pontificating,
TW was issuing a scathing denouncement
of a bill in the US Congress that would protect
a marginalized minority in our country,
who can be denied
public housing,
rental agreements
and employment, ,
and who are very frequently subjected to hate speech.

Why do the five per cent of tax paying Adventists ( our LGBT offspring) not qualify for the same protection against hate speech, lack of inclusivity and protection against discrimination that non Adventist migrants apparently deserve ??

Forget the nomadic migrants in some distant land!

Do not our OWN gay and lesbian children here at home, deserve EQUAL “ peace love and ACCEPTANCE?”

TW’s egregious and bigoted intervention in US politics to deny a marginalized minority basic rights, like jobs and housing, was a toxic travesty!


I have believed this for years. Phil is right on the money. If you go to an SDA minister’s meeting you will find plenty of Trump supporters. It is down right scary that SDA’S can cheer evil, while Satan methodically goes about His work.


Does the Trump you’re talking about tell thousands of lies? Does he take the children away from parents who have walked long distances for the help they believe that we have promised. Does he select underlings who will violate the law at his every whim? Does he childishly insult everyone who disagrees with him about anything?

What? You didn’t notice?


No Harry, I don’t notice your/Phil’s narrative at all…unless the accusers are referring to themselves! I do see Dem. Legislators that don’t want to fix the border crisis by a wall and sound immigration laws.
I do see many on this site that eat the anti-Trump special narrative like baby pablum.
What I appreciate about Trump as the President, not pastor, is he gave 10 pts. During the campaign that he wanted to accomplish and by golly unlike most politicians he is fighting to accomplish them. About 8/10 presently. Stopped by McCain (always previously against Obama care until he actually had a chance to vote…hypocrisy) from the 9th and fighting the Dems over the wall.
Shocking to us that see so many lying politicians.
The Dems. And Pelosi say Trump is out of control. What they mean is they and special interest can’t control him!
Now hopefully we will get to the lies, hate and ignorance of those who started them…that started the false narrative of Russian collusion by Trump.
The accusers are the guilty!
Cheers! Here’s my hoping for Trump in 2020!
Seeking Peace through Truth!

Harry, before the joy starts about Muellar today, a thought.
Did the special prosecutor Ken Starr say there were chargeable offenses and recommended these charges be followed up on President Clinton? YES, A SITTING PRESIDENT!
Excuse me but Muellar’s comments were political BS today.
Imagine you go to court for murder. The prosecutor says we cant prove and dont recommend /show charges but we feel the jury should consider it. You are never acquitted? You are considered guilty till hopefully somebody finds something! A repeat atrocity of truth and justice today!

Soon it will all be over and we can begin our search for another villain. At least Trump isn’t turn the Middle East upside down like W. did.

I long for the simpler days when the slogan was Peace, Pot, and Incense.

I think you partially misunderstood Mueller. I think he expects the House to prosecute everybody but the President, while impeaching him instead. (While the other members of my party count their tax savings and look out the window). Who says Trump doesn’t read anything?. I’m afraid someone gave him a copy of Mein Kampf and anything from Joseph Goebbles.

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Nothing I say obviously matters. Muellar could have brought charges if he had legal evidence, just like Ken Starr presented 11+ laws broken against Clinton. Who lost his license and ability to practice law.
It is up to the DOJ to go forward based on the prosecutors provable evidence…or congress can attempt to impeach someone for any reason…just doesn’t mean their guilty or will suceed.
The Dem house is simply trying to retry the trial for pubic political purposes. I personally think it will backfire. And, the senate is not going to impeach. Shameful time for this country.

Perhaps the media should be viewed with two eyes rather than the way some commentators here do: one-eyed.

Simply put, both sides are trying to vindicate themselves. Both sides are playing a zero sum game, and it is a game. Both are trying to be winners, with the understanding that if they win the other side loses. In reality, while both sides play this way everybody loses.

I personally have never liked Trump, even from way back on the Apprentice. He is a self-agrandising ego in a cheap suit that behaves like a spoilt teenager. (If you keep reading I will tell you what I really think). His grasp on reality is limited.
Exhibit 1: Who pays for the tariffs imposed on China and those about to be imposed on Mexico? The Trump spokes people all claim that China will pay the tariffs. Any high school economics student can tell you that tariffs are paid by the receiving country, not the originating country. American consumers will pay the tariffs
Exhibit 2: Tweet in the early morning “I had nothing to do with Russia helping me get elected.” Less than forty-five minutes later on the lawn of the WH “You know who got me elected? You know who got me elected? Ì got me elected.”
The other enablers are no better.
Exhibit 3: Mitch McConnell refused to allow Obama to confirm a judge to the Supreme Court in 2016 saying “A president should not be allowed to nominate a judge to the Supreme Court in the last year of office.” When asked recently what he would do if a vacancy came up on the Supreme Court next year replied “Confirm the presidents choice.”

Both sides in Congress have failed the American people. The Democrats for not pushing harder for impeachment (regardless of political cost) and the Republicans because Congress has an oversight, not overlook responsibility.

As far as Mueller and Starr goes @1QOL, Starr was an Independent Counsel appointed by a panel of judges outside the justice department. Starr was not subject to any department rulings with regards to charging a sitting president. Mueller not only followed that guideline, but in fairness to Trump he did not even allege any crime as Trump would not be able to defend himself from a legal perspective. Mueller (depending on the time of day is either an honourable man or a "never-Trumper) would not cast aspertions on the president that the president could not defend in court. Rather he collected the evidence and said it is not the role of the courts to remove a sitting president, rather it is the role of congress to decide. Mueller refrained from making the same mistake Comey made.

Enough said. The bottom line is that the US is “going to h@#% in a handbag” because both sides are so focused on winning they will bring about MAD (mutally assured destruction).

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Trump won! The Dems. will do absolutely anything to discredit aand remove him. Thats the problem.
The thing on tarrifs is Trump is trying to realign american business infrastructure again. Other nations do not have “free trade policies” towards the US. Trump is attempting to remove the special interest policies of the last 30+ yrs that ate up US manufacturing by countries that did not reciprocate with equal policy.They will not change by incessant talking and tarrifs are used as pressure.
The international big interest globalist and their narrative is the biggest enemy of Trump. An American president is finally doing something I have wanted for thirty years regarding trade and currency manipulation.
Trump loves this country and he sees the problem regarding trade and has the kahunas to do something about it. For this he is hated by never trumpers on all sides.
Mexico can stop the tarrifs by stopping the illegal migrants from migrating across their border into the US. Brilliant idea! :slight_smile:
The problem is too many people are interested in self interest and not the equal interest that comes from equal laws and regulation for all.
Trump in 2020! :slight_smile:
PS. Your exhibit 1, agree we will pay in effort to bring about better trade practices fairer to all american business and not just a few! Your exhibit 2 is taking sentences out of context. Your exhibit 3 difference is Obama was in his 8th year not 4th with the likelihood of reelection.

@1QOL we are never going to agree on this. We may agree the “facts” but not the interpretation of those “facts”. I respect your right to your opinion, even if I think it is incorrect.


The thoughts are reciprocal. What saddens me is the necessity of some on this site to use all the pejorative terms of hate about the President of the US because of the narrative they have developed.With the other side of their tongue they are telling us to love and have an attitude of forgiveness for one another. Seems like a bit of dissonance.
I have never used some of the language used here to describe any former President of the US. where I reside. Perhaps, something to think about. I think the American Indians call that speaking with a forked tongue. :wink:

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Robert, I would invite you to observe the moneyed interest against Trump and the tarrifs. It is the chamber of commerce and the globalist special interest big business, wall street conglomerist. Big business these days are behind the Dems. Big business is what McCain represented in vetoing the Rep. Bill against Obama care. After using the tax exempt status for years for employees deduction along with labor unions, big multinationals found Obamas plan more profitable.
These are the establishment Rep.forces against Trump.
Free enterprise and free trade only work under same regulations, same currency and same tax laws for all. Otherwise someone always has a leg up. That may be free but not equitable!
PS. Same thing goes for borders and illegal immigration.

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