ADRA Serbia Assists Migrants

Igor Mitrović, Country Director of ADRA Serbia, describes the center ADRA has opened to help the river of refugees passing through Belgrade as they try to reach western Europe.

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I would have liked to see this fleshed out more. How could the churches get more involved and in what ways? What are the challenges that keep involvement so low?


@kjames Basically, several appeals have been issued to local churches and a few responded. The churches seem to be occupied with regular church activities. We are not giving up, though.


Thank you, Igor, for your reply. Praying your efforts will continue to be blessed and multiplied by God.

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Thanks for this terrific interview - always good to hear what’s happening in more depth than the typical 30 second news flash. I glad that ADRA works there continually with worthy local projects and partners, but then also responds to new crisis as they emerge as an example of demonstrating the gospel in action. Everyone should support ADRA!

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