AdventHealth Makes Headlines for Buying Holy Land Theme Park

On August 5, the Orlando Business Journal reported that AdventHealth had purchased the Holy Land Experience theme park for $32 million. The news caught the attention of many, perhaps because it gave the impression that AdventHealth is getting into the biblical theme park business. However, in all likelihood the healthcare system is not looking to become the operator of America’s religious Disney World and instead spotted a good real estate deal.

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Trin-I-Tee is a pretty inventive name for a biblical golf course…


Glad to see it might be put to a better use. Also thrilled that Adventist Health will not get into the bible theme park business…That would be a deal breaker for me.


This transaction is a stroke of genius. The property is in a great, easily accessible location for providing health services. Unlike most parts of the Adventist church, our healthcare entities must compete daily in highly competitive marketplaces. They have one foot firmly in the church and the other foot firmly in the market, and they act accordingly. The location of this property is highly desirable from a competitive perspective. Interestingly, Orlando has two of the ten largest hospitals in the U.S. including AdventHealth Florida Hospital. AdventHealth consistently leads in market position. This acquisition will advance their footprint.


Two questions a) will it be open on Sabbath?
b) why?

Dave Okamura

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