Adventism and America's Original Sin (Part 2)

During an era in which race relations worsened to their lowest point in post-civil war American history, the first Adventist church planted in the nation’s capital was an interracial fellowship, described in 1899 as a “living miracle of the power of God” that surprised outside observers. The church was central to a saga played out on the stage of Washington, D.C., introduced in Part 1, that challenges us to re-think Adventism’s racial past and how it has shaped the present.

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That inter racial church planted in the nation’s capital was ahead of its time.

I love interracial churches and see more of them in my travels.

However, racist EGW vociferously, vehemently amd viciously attacked these congregations declaring that whites and blacks “should not worship under the same roof “.

Will the White Estate exonerate her by declaring that this statement was plagiarized and therefore not truly attributable to her ??

EGW’S numerous and alarming blatant racist statements are easily googled on the web: EGW racist statements.

Or I am sure the White Estate will eagerly supply them to you——please contact them

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Where did ellen white say this?

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ditto, darrell. anything i have read has been largely historically contextual…similar to the issues she had with bicycles and cheese. Sad that some would so quick to accuse someone who was chosen by God to illuminate the Word.

A context for EG White’s comments is offered by the White Estate here:

It’s best to investigate and judge for yourself as to whether or not E. G. White’s comments were indeed racist, vehement, or vicious. Be satisfied with your own conclusions.

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