Adventism in Light of Obama | Spectrum Magazine

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In this (finally edited) Spectrum Podcast, three young guys discuss what some of Barack Obama's approaches to change might mean for Adventism.

This conversation was recorded right after the Inauguration, but due to your humble editor's day job it finally was edited and posted - a month later. But this time provides an interesting opportunity to judge us: in light of the recent news - do we win the Ellen White award for prognostication?

Here we discuss divides in Adventism that surround ethnicity and generations, and we reflect on the prayers at the Inauguration and discuss the hip hop artist Kanye West, television shows Lost and 24 and the Christian novel, The Shack.

Trevan starts us off with some memories from attending the Inauguration and Zane jumps in with some real world skepticism toward unity talk, particularly in Adventism.

Zane Yi is a doctoral student in philosophy at Fordham University, New York.

Trevan Osborn pastors the Far West End Seventh-day Adventist Church, Virginia.

Alexander Carpenter teaches at Pacific Union College, California.

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